5 Jobs You Could Start Today In La Zenia – Comaskey Properties

So you are too young to retire, too active to do nothing or maybe the cash would help fund your new life in Spain.

So, what can you do when you get here, if you don’t speak Spanish? There is little demand for civil servants (we have enough thanks), Irish teachers or army snipers. Try these jobs instead….

1 – Estate agent, I was almost shot once when I suggested more people should become estate agents so I’m being careful this time….. I have to remember we are estate agents!

Lets say you move to La Zenia and join for example the Costa Blanca bowls club. These members may not be Internet friendly or may not know about Comaskey Properties yet they need a key holding company, rental agency etc that they can trust. Just bring them to us for a small commission. We’d rather pay you than pay for Internet ads and your client/friends will very much appreciate it.

2 – Cleaner. Can you imagine how hard it is to get a cleaner who will not turn a professional clean into a drama? Well, it’s tough. Why not move to Spain and offer your services to estates agents in the area as well as property owners. You can clean for a few hours on changeover days, work more or less to your own schedule and earn 10 euro per hour.

3 – Taxi service. It is not legal to offer taxi services to Murcia and Alicante airports without an impossible to achieve taxi license. Companies like uber.com however are finding ways around the laws all over the world and instead of hiring a taxi clients can ‘rent a car, with a driver’. Check with a lawyer before you jump in, but if you can undercut a 65euro 45 minute taxi journey and not break the law, then do it with our blessing!

4 – Travel agent. I did say that I previously got in trouble for encouraging more people to become estate agents on the costa Blanca so if this is not your thing why not become a travel agent? Take the example above, you move to Spain and join the local tennis/chess/scuba diving club. These guys take trips throughout the year and need someone to get them the best deals, best locations etc.

La zenia travel do the work, you act as coordinator and you earn a commission. Talk to Yvonne today and you can start next week. The commission is out there YOU might as well have it and we can guarantee you the very best deals in group travel. 00 34 966761492

5 – Outsource yourself!
Ever since the ‘four hour work week’ became a New York Times best seller two years ago people have been finding ways to get out of the office, get more work done, earn more and spend less. All you need is a climate, wifi connection, lower cost of living and an open mind.

According to lifestyle and marketing guru Seth Godin we are now in the connection age and if you can stay in touch with your customers you can operate from anywhere in the world. He tells a story, a few years ago he had set up an online store selling e-books. He had spent a fabulous day scuba diving in Cancun and afterwards could not wait to get back to the hotel to check his online sales. He took out his laptop to do his 45 mins daily work. A group of rowdy Americans walked past him and his margarita saying loudly ‘how sad is that guy – he comes away to the beach and has to spend Saturday night working!’   Godin smiled and collected another few thousand dollars in sales. The Americans went back home and presumably to the office next morning. He stayed in mexico for a few more months!

If you are thinking of moving to Spain we recommend an English speaking area like the Costa Blanca and you’ll need a contact like Comaskey Properties. We promise that if you deal with us, we’ll help you in any way we can.


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