5 Reasons to not use a registered, tax paying, legal, real estate agent – Comaskey Properties

For example, the longest established estate agent in La Zenia. (yes, thats Comaskey Properties)

Please excuse the fact that there could be some sarcasm in this very serious blog!

1. You are a bargain hunter.
Remember that time you bought the cheap TV on Ebay – How did the tech support go?
That cheap coffee?? Taste good?

2. All Estate agents are the same so it just comes down to price.
There are better dentists, travel agents, farmers and astronauts than others – that’s the way it is. Should you use the fourth or fifth best estate agent on the Costa Blanca or just contact us? Your call.

3. You are not serious about selling and buying and have way too much time on your hands.
Why would you put yourself through the stress of spending hours talking to estate agents when you are mentally deciding not to use us. A famous publican from New York was due to sign a purchase agreement with me many years ago, a smart guy by all accounts. Anyway, an hour before signing he called me stating there was a change of plan. The bar man last night in the Irish bar told him to buy in Gran Alicante instead from a friend of his and my man had paid over two deposits. The bar man was from Birmingham, a nice guy apparently, but not an estate agent. I never heard the final figure that our Cavan Man friend lost on the deal, but I bet it was 100,000 or more. He should have used me instead but did save the 3,000 fee I was charging him!

4. You do not see the hours of work Comaskey Properties and similar Costa Blanca Real Estate agents put into our jobs.
I´ve heard so many times (one particular client told me twenty times alone) – “well I sold this house myself anyway”. Actually, no you didn´t. We listed your property on international property portals, sourced the client online, showed them the property, organised contracts, created confidence by showing them we have a bricks and mortar office, (well a few offices actually) set notary dates and ensured all payments went according to plan. You on the other hand “sold” the house because you called us.

5. You don´t have confidence in us and/or you do not think much of the industry we are part of.

If your heart surgeon screwed up your operation, he still gets paid. If the bus driver is late, she still gets her cash, if your lawyer loses the case in court you still pay them. Its not the same with Real Estate agents (at least not in Spain) – If you are selling or buying just come to us and you get the best deal. If we are not capable of selling, we don´t get paid – trust me, we´re good at this – we need to be!!

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