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If you haven’t done it before, it´s a roller coaster, and in a survey “buying a property in Spain for non – Spaniards” there were 5 main emotions.

1. Its Confusing! – If you check out 5 or 6 different competitors (and we encourage you to do so) very often they will be giving you different information depending on what they want you to buy rather than what you think is the best property for you. Worse still, on some of the major Spanish Portals, stats tell us that 20% of their listings are actually sold – thats right, agents keep them on there to get you hooked and when you get to Spain they make up some excuse about the property being taken off the market only the day before – confusing indeed!

2. Its Stressful – Again, very often our clients will be on viewings with many estate agents on the Costa Blanca while they are here. Thats fair enough as we think its important that you “click” with your property agent. Remember though, that if you don´t buy that agent gets no commission and in many cases, particularly now, they need that sale to pay their rent. (watch out for estate agents in convertibles with Rolex watches!!) Naturally they will direct you to a different area that a Comaskey Properties agent might direct you to – (yes, its true, our commissions are so small we can afford to actually tell you the truth!!). Its stressful trying to decipher the rubbish you hear from the truth you need to know about buying on the Costa Blanca – We are here to help of course.

3. Its Scary – Respondents to a recent survey “Why I´m buying property in Spain” said that they often feel “scared”. We´ve many times on record spoken of the horrors of dealing with inefficient estate agents, polished sales people, unqualified solicitors and indeed the banks – We´ve been 11 years sorting through the red tape but if you don´t know us, its only natural that you´ll be skeptical at least, scared at worst. You don´t need to be… a healthy attitude to buying a property in Spain means you will use a registered estate agent (hopefully Comaskey Properties) and a legal and tax firm who will have your interests at heart.

4. Its Tiring – This to me is an important one – You´ll get tired looking at properties over and over again and talking the same stuff at each home. Agents in the past showed clients twenty or more properties per day, confusing them and in the end the buyer often signed a contract and had no real idea what they have just bought. Only look at 6 properties per day – thats enough to let soak in and when you´ve heard enough sales talk from your agent, just ask him to take you back to the hotel. You need your energy and wits about you. Use the rest of the time to explore the area, talk to the locals and stretch your legs on the La Zenia beach walk.

5. Ah, the big three all rolled into one emotion – People who have had a successful experience of buying property on the Costa Blanca through Comaskey Properties or one of our established trustworthy competitors (there are some!) have found the experience to be…
• Rewarding
• Joyful
• Exhilarating
Very few experiences in life beat that feeling of having your offer accepted, paying your deposit safe in the knowledge that not only are you dealing with the best property agent in Spain, you have just bought the perfect house for your budget, your needs and the needs of your family.

For more information on buying property in La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Playa Flamenca and the Orihuela Costa in general, please …. email one of our superstar staff now.
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