Alicante´s hidden gem: Venta Lanuza

Alicante’s hidden gem: Venta Lanuza.

Just 10 minutes north of the city of Alicante, you have Venta Lanuza. A little stretch of coastline that was once a large orange farm owned by two brothers, who in the early 70´s, split the land into plots to sell as farming there was too difficult due to the salty water, they built just 26 houses on the land and it has progressed gently with time. It is home to some of the loveliest beaches, hidden coves, and is quite the romantic setting for an evening walk along the sea. With its own little unadopted harbour to keep smaller boats, you can find locals fishing for their dinner, or maybe you can hire a little boat and just stay anchored offshore for the night. The nights in the Summer are accompanied by the local chiringuito Senses Beach Club, which is the hot and trendiest beach bar around the area. With acts such as vocalists, DJ´s and fire breathers being among many.

The streets never end, as little roads go up and down the hills around all the lovely villas that are scattered amongst the hills and cliff tops. It´s no wonder I go and visit my family there as often as I can, a weekend here and there is enough to relax amongst the beautiful scenery. With the Heir to the ´Bic´ fortune also residing here permanently, to name just one of a few.


Venta Lanuza can also be reached by Tram. With the tramline starting at Luceros station in Alicante city and taking you all the way upto Benidorm, with the line extending further in the near future up to Calpe. The trams roughly run every half an hour and are the easier yet slightly longer journey than by car.

Alicante City provides so much that getting bored is no option. The harbour is home to all shapes and sizes of yachts, with an outdoor market all along the promenade and Santa Barbara Castle being the ´must see´ attraction there. With the nightlife not failing you neither, Alicante is home to some brilliant nightclubs and swanky upper class restaurants and sushi bars.

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The way of life in Venta Lanuza is very tranquil, but know that Alicante is only 10 minutes by car south and Benidorm to the north. la Zenia is only an hour away. By tram, it’s about 40 minutes as it stops along all the coastline at San Juan beach and Villajoyosa, amongst other stops. it is just two stops away from the San Juan Golf course too. Along the Coastline you can also find one of the beaches that are home to roman ruins that still stand there today.

Venta Lanuza really must be seen for what it is, a true hidden gem.

It is such a beautiful place, set back against the mountains and is exactly what you need if you are after a quiet weekend away, to relax or to escape from the rush of life,… and it’s only up the road. Perfect!

Sophie Chambers


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