There is another option besides Satellite TV or companies such as Torresat charging a monthly fee for viewing British TV.

Many companies now offer systems for viewing British TV via your internet connection, wifi or an ethernet conneaction. This is via a little box that connects to your TV and turns it into the ultimate in current internet based entertainment technology, offering 50+ channels including all your favourite UK & Irish regulars, as well as all the major sports channels from back home including Sky Sports.

You don’t need a satellite dish or a computer. All you need is a reliable internet connection (3mb or more) and a box – that’s all, nothing else. The box connects straight into your television and comes supplied with a remote control, so it’s just like any other sat/cable receiver box. You don’t need to pay a monthly subscription, just a one-off purchase payment.

You can buy a box for a one off fee of approx. 129€ and it has hundreds of channels. The live channels sometimes have what they call buffering (stopping and starting) but not always, and usually any programmes that are not live are of very good quality.  The box can turn the tv into a Smart Tv so if you wished youcould use it as an android tablet, downloading applications via google and use skype etc. You can find thse boxes on the internet (Smart Tv boxes) and ebay.

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