Another Swedish buyer happy with our service – Comaskey Properties

We just got this testimonial today from a buyer who actually had quite a difficult purchase here in La

Zenia. We wanted to post this to show potential buyers that things can go wrong but its not what

happens to you, its all about how you react. She still got a great deal, and we did our best to make

things as smooth as possible.

Sweden 150603

To Comaskey

Now I am back in Sweden after very many interesting and hard days of work in my new house in Spain.

I bought my house without seen it in reality, just over internet and photos from you, and at your

website, so I was nervous when I first shall look at it, and Sean was also.

But I like my house even it was very very dirty, and the owner take more furniture and other things

that belongs to me in the house.

I have a lot of contact with you before and after I buy it. (Sean and Tracie)

I think you never had have so much contact/mail before from anyone else then from me!

But you have never get angry of me for this, thanks for that!

Every time I have write to you, mostly to Tracie, I get answer so quickly from you, this is very good


And all problems we had, first with the other house I shall bought, and now with this house is

problems that you can’t help, it have been the owners how did wrong!

So I am very satisfield with all help from you at Comaskey, and you are very nice, kind and helpful!

And thank you for the wine! I have not drink it yet, I have so short time then, so I have to celebrate in

September instead, and you are welcome to drink it with me!

Have a good nice summer, and see you in September again.

Best Regards

Elizabeth Carlsson

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