Are you living a nightmare?

Are you living a nightmare?

Are you one of the 85% of people who, according to a survey carried out by the British Government in 2016, are doing a job you do not like? Worse still…. Are you one of the 35% working in a job you hate? The long daily commute, the boredom, the office politics, the high tax rate, the apparent break down in society….

I met a likeable guy back in June, I’ll call him Dave, more or less the same age as me, 42, working an impressive job in the city.  Problem for Dave is, he hadn’t taken a holiday in ten years, he worked 70 hours a week, paid huge tax, was 15 kg overweight as a result of too many rubbish lunches, too much sitting and worst of all- he hardly knew his family.

Dave is ready to pack it in.  He has a plan.  We’re training Dave up to become a Comaskey Franchisee.

How did I sell it to him?

We explained to Dave that we’ve spent 18 months building a system we can Franchise, working with Mariscal solicitors in Madrid and Farrah Rose from the UK franchising Centre.

Farrah has 30 years’ experience helping franchise companies like Knight Franks, Nestle, Butlers chocolates, House of Fraser and many more.

She has helped develop a system where Comaskey franchisees will have:

  • A proven system that’s sold 250 million Euros worth of Real Estate in Spain since 2002.
  • Training in the industry
  • Tax and legal support for them and their clients
  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Protected territory
  • IT help and advice
  • Constant support…. We can’t say that ‘our success is your success’ and then not deliver!


This is the offer we gave to Dave and he almost took my hand off!

Can you see yourself living and ‘working’ in Spain helping others achieve their Spanish property dreams too?

Join Dave, join us, get in touch with me today.

[email protected]

The best territories are still available, schedule a call today.

Ian Comaskey

(Chief Problem Solver)


PS Dave has no selling experience and despite his years working in finance in the city, no real business experience either. It does not matter, in fact it’s better- we are training him up in a more effective system anyway.

  1. Dave didn’t go for our offer because he loves sales…There will be no hard sell needed: buyers love property in Spain remember? He wants a new life, a low stress and potentially very rewarding new start in the Spanish sun.

If it’s for you, or you think it might be, schedule that call right now.

[email protected]

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