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Bar for sale in La Zenia, Costa Blanca.

The Quiet man, La Zenia.

We always say that the best people to write the descriptions of the properties we have for sale in Spain are the owners. This is an email Bernie wrote to a potential buyer of the “Quiet man” bar in La Zenia and we thought we´d reproduce it here. Tells you all you need to know really!!


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry re sale of The Quiet Man Pub. I am the owner of the property.

It is a beautiful, tastily laid out and decorated bar, extending to 170 sqM: freehold commercial. I spent over 500,000 Euro in making it what it is.

Obviously I have no idea if you are familiar with the area. La Zenia is a lovely region; half way between Alicante and Cartagena. (An hour from either city) and is also served by Murcia airport, only twenty minutes drive. There are ten golf courses within a twenty minute drive.

Even though ‘The Quiet Man’ is only a few minutes walk from the idyllic La Zenia beach – with a series of small beaches along miles of coastal walk – and even though it is also only  a few minutes walk from the main business hub; it is located on a very quiet street at the moment. This area will blossom in the medium term and the pub has massive future potential. More than anything else, it would be a shrewd investment in the future at this sort of money. There is a very significant Irish and British expat population around La Zenia. This contributed around 30 percent of the business: Then there are hundreds of apartments owned by people who visit during the year. Tourists – and especially golf groups are all serious contributors to the trade. You will appreciate that 80% of success is how you deal with people and a good publican will attract a personal following.

I had tenants in it until last Spring. It was a disaster. They ran the business into the ground. I live in Ireland – having previously divided my time between the two countries. I went back, redid the pub and opened it myself last July. Without doing music or food, we did very well from where we started. If someone bought it now, and didn’t have a mortgage or payments, they could live out of it; based on that turnover alone. There is no doubt but if we opened it again this year, the business would be well up on last year. I really enjoyed doing it until November – but I am not going to do that again. Neither am I going to rent it; hence the sale price at a giveaway – in any man’s currency. A 100.000 Euro will do me; non-negotiable.

If you are looking to open the door to an already made razzmatazz thriving business; The Quiet Man is not for you: If, on the other hand, you are a man with an eye for a bargain and the foresight to recognise an investment with incredible future return – we need to talk.

Kindly feel free to contact me for further details or clarification.

Yours Faithfully,

Bernard Comaskey


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