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Why Should You Consider becoming an Estate Agent in Spain?

(A profitable, rewarding side business for you, a great deal for your clients!)

You don’t need to live in Spain to deal in the Spanish property market.

Imagine that you have a stream of clients for whatever reason, people who trust you.

• Perhaps you are an estate agent in Sweden, Ireland, anywhere and want to ensure your clients who are moving to Spain get a fair deal.
• Maybe you have a travel blog and your clients are asking you about Spain.
• Maybe you are a Golf pro – your students want a place to golf all year round. How can you help them?
• Perhaps, people just trust you and you wish to create a profitable, rewarding side business for yourself.

Comaskey have been dealing with Spanish property all the way back to 1998, opening our first standalone office in 2002. Since then we have processed 2,500 property transactions, lodged 6.5 million euro in our landlord’s bank accounts through our Property Management Division and created thousands of happy smiling clients.

We have collaborations with currency companies who will help your clients, family and friends avoid unnecessary bank charges while transferring their money from Kroner, Renminbi, Ruble or Pound to Euro. We deal with Currencies Direct, MoneyCorp and we very recently announced a new deal with Smart Currencies. As our client, your clients will too get the best currency deal on the market.

Banking in Spain.
We deal with Banco Sabadell, our next door neighbour in MalaQuita, La Zenia. Here we will open your clients bank accounts and should they choose to buy through us, we ensure all standing orders, water bills, electricity etc are paid by direct debit from these accounts. We also have worked with and in fact continue to work with Bank Inter, Santander, Caja Murcia (now BMN) and all the major Spanish Banks. If you send you clients to us, we want you to know we do all the work – not just the house selling!

The Law in Spain.
Our Legal and Taxation partners are Spanish Solutions. In our opinion the best team of professionals ever assembled in their field on the Costa Blanca. They are award winners – “Pride of Spain Business of the Year 2014”, for example, but the real vote of confidence is in the 8,500 happy clients that they have. Many other estate agents in the region use Spanish Solutions to process their clients property purchases. If you already deal with an agent in Spain who does not deal with Spanish Solutions, you have to ask them why? We cannot think why any estate agent would not want to get the most professional service for their clients!

So What of Comaskey Properties itself… Why choose us?
They are 2,500 reasons why clients love us – every buyer or seller has a different story. That’s the first thing we want – our clients to write us a testimonial and say “Thanks”. We are not in this game for the money any more… Yes, we like to get paid but we also appreciate there and more important things and we hope that your clients will one day get to see the advantage of dealing with Comaskey.

Here are a few of what we think are unique advantages;

We can sell: Our sales team are brilliant and different to most sellers in the Real Estate business in Spain. They are not working for commission only like the majority of their peers in the industry. This means no hard sell for your buyers yet still our sales people know how to push, gently. If the client has found the perfect home on the Costa Blanca, we know it’s the right house, they know it’s the right house, the builder knows it the right house, we’ll tell them to buy it! (a gentle push).

We have More Properties. We sell most of the resale properties around La Zenia and have done since we opened our doors back in 2002. Sellers trust us because we treat them with respect, transparency and honesty, resulting in better deals for your client.

We sell Repossessions. The Spanish Banks have gotten themselves into a fine mess with repossessions on their books. There was a time when they tried to offload their properties themselves but now at last, we were chosen as a registered seller of repossessions. Truth is, many of them are overpriced and we encourage our buyers to make offers yet it can be an easy way for clients to get on the Spanish property market, without putting their own money down.

We have Super Developments… La Manga, Las Colinas Golf and Country Club, Trivee….

We sell New Builds. In 2016 we made a decision – Our Belgian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and French clients told us they want new builds – new developments and therefore we need to change our focus off resale property. We did this and we are currently listing at a rate of three new developments per week.

Due to our reputation we can sell developments everywhere. We had a buyer who wanted a property in Tenerife back in June of this year. He had used us to sell his villa in Playa Flamenca and asked us to broker the deal. Incredibly the builder there knew who Spanish Solutions were (our Legal partner) and gave us a collaboration contract. Our client went to view the new builds as part of our Summer Sales Event, loved it, bought a villa for 890,000 euro and saved 10,000 euro in cash backs and discounts. Do you have a buyer for an area in Spain? Just let us know and we’ll get a contract to sell it to your client.

We can be Trusted. It is useless to you to spend your time and money panning for clients for Spain if you are not going to get paid. We deal with established agents all across Europe who are already sending their clients to us and we have a solid trusted reputation. Send your clients to us, if they buy, you get paid, on time.

Our Commission Split is Generous. All agents here follow the same commission more or less. We do not know of any (other) agent who pays 60% of the commission to Agents for referrals for New Developments …. Except Comaskey in La Zenia. Email us to discuss more the sort of commissions you can expect, all while giving your clients better service.

Your clients will love you for introducing them to us. This is what we want to achieve. We want you to get the call from your buyer saying stuff like this….

We bought our house in La Zenia through Peter at Comaskey and we are very happy with the service and care received. Nothing was too much trouble and Pete took us to Villa martin…. where we fell in love with a Three Bedroom Villa. We especially want to thank Dave and Leslie in Properties under the Spanish Sun (sic) who referred us to Claire in the Comaskey office. We got a great deal and we are thrilled that we will be moving into our new villa in Spain early next year.
Woo Hoo!!

Dave and Maureen Kaye, Reading, August 2016.
We Speak your Language, and if we don’t we will soon learn. We have Bulgarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian. Spanish, Irish, Belgian (Flemish), French, German, Chinese and Russian speakers either in house or available when your clients need them.

Communication. Tracie in our La Zenia head office, (we currently have four offices) heads up our completion department. As part of her role, Tracie will keep you posted as to where we are on your client’s deal. It’s important that you know when you are getting paid and that everything is going smoothly.

Legal and Tax compliant. So many buyers back in the boom times lost their deposits and indeed in some cases, much more simply because either the agent did not know what they were doing, they were dishonest or didn’t know how to do things properly – either way, the client lost their cash. We are fully legal. All our commissions are invoiced and we are never behind on our taxes. Did you hear about this guy? …. An English estate agent in Cabo Roig last year was insolvent and was waiting on a large commission to reach his bank account for a sale that he just completed through a Swedish collaborator so that he could clear some debts. When the money hit, the Spanish Hacienda, (Tax Revenue) seized the money to pay his back tax. The agent who had referred the client for this sale, got nothing as there was nothing left to share. This simply won’t happen with us!

We are here to stay…
The Comaskey family have been around La Zenia for 18 years – Paddy’s Point, The Quiet Man, La Zenia Travel, Head to Toe, The Wine Shoppe, The Sandwich Stop – We’ve been involved in the ownership and opening of them all. We are not here to take your clients money and disappear! Rather than that… We are here to stay and that is good news for your clients. (Currently) Four Offices on the Costa Blanca, with much more to come from us, La Zenia’s Friendliest Estate Agents!!

So, what next?
Do you think you wish to talk more to Comaskey about how we can help your clients achieve their Spanish Property dreams?

Why not get in touch with Jan today? She will be your contact person initially in the Comaskey team.
[email protected]

Do you want to come and meet us? We’d love to take you for lunch, show you around the area, and give you a feel for why we are the best agents that we know if in the Costa Blanca for your clients.

So, what is the advantage of you getting in touch with Comaskey?
• Better deal for you.
• Better deal for your clients.

If you are already dealing with another agency on the Costa Blanca, we understand perfectly that you may not be ready to switch totally to us. Why not try us for a deal or two, see how it goes and make a long term decision after that.

Try us, you’ll be glad you did.

[email protected]

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