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So, we are due to open our newest office in February next year. Emerald Isle construction will need a couple of weeks to get it ready for the big opening day and we´re using the time to think of the most suitable slogans we can use on our signs and window displays.
We´re limited for space so we´ve got to be catchy, accurate and relevant, yet effective.

So far we´ve got the old reliables, Comaskey Properties; Real Estate, Real Value- our first ever slogan,  and Comaskey Properties, Our name is your guarantee- which some eejit actually copied!!
More up to date USP´s are… selling property on the Costa Blanca since 2002- We like this one because, well, we’ve been selling Property on the Costa Blanca since 2002!
Some of our more factual slogans include… Comaskey Properties, over 130 million worth of Spanish Properties sold, La Zenia´s largest rental department, La Zenia´s friendliest estate agent and in order to let other real estate agents in the area from Villamartin to Cabo Roig, Playa Flamenca and Los Dolses know we collaborate with all reputable spanish agents, simply ‘collaborating agents welcome’.

Here are the real sales pitches though although too they are perfectly accurate. How does this sound…
Comaskey Spanish Property- sales and rentals, We will sell your property more quickly than any other Costa Blanca estate agent.
That pretty much tells sellers what we are about yet does not have the flow of a Coca Cola Ad!
How about this…. If you list your property with Comaskey Properties, 20 active Agencies all over the world will list it within 24 hours- We are trying to get the message to sellers that they should list their house with us and forget about it- Next phone call is an offer.
Actually, could I use that line? List with Comaskey Sales and Rentals and your next phone call is an offer. What we are trying to get across to our buyers is that we have more collaborating agents than any other agency on the Costa Blanca.

How do we get Landlords to rely on us with their properties, especially clients who have bought through other agents? We need them to know they can trust us with their key holding and long term rental. Does this sound a little big headed. “Comaskey Properties rent more properties long term in La Zenia than anyone else” Straight to the point, yes, short and snappy, no.

We like this one “in 2012 Comaskey Properties earned 600,000 euro in rents for our clients”. Again its basic and very to the point, cant imagine it taking off.
We started using  this one “Celebrating ten years selling homes in Spain” in 2012 but that’s fast becoming out of date and Selling, one yard at a time (think about it) has been well over-used by now. My least favourite slogan is anything to do about Spanish dreams- that’s the realist in me though. I´d personally like to know about the practicalities of buying a property rather than some vague “dream idea”.
Is it better to Americanise it “Everything we touch turns to Sold” or maybe we should just keep it simple- “If you are buying a property in Spain, You really should be talking to Comaskey Properties”.

We´ll let you know what we decide and to the agents who don´t use us but want to copy the best Real Estate agent on the Costa Blanca- we hope we´ve given you some good ideas!
We’ll have even more in 2013!

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