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Brexit, Brexit, Brexit!!

It’s dominating our news coverage and every page of the financial press so it’s difficult not to talk about the Brexit, the biggest story to hit Europe in many years.

Naturally, those one million British people in Spain have been looking nervously at the implications. It’s now four working days since the vote for Britain to exit Europe was counted. The result can only have one huge impact on Spain, and we’re seeing it already.

Comaskey in La Zenia sold four properties to four British buyers in four days. I wrote about it in this week’s Costa Blanca People- Britons are ready to jump ship and get out of there. Spain better be ready for an influx of property buyers and this vote could not have come at a better time for the Spanish economy.

Let’s explain… I’m not an economist and therefore not qualified nor prepared to debate the merits of the Brexit. Let’s say half of the predictions made by people smarter than me are correct. We’ll see a huge drop off in the value of the British economy, although it is unlikely to affect Scotland, who will probably be out of the equation before the real effects are felt.

One of the buyers we had during the week was from the North East of England and he explained it in simple terms to me like this… Nissan, a major employer in the region, with 7,000 direct employees and 20,000 depending on the plant for employment, said before the referendum that if Britain votes to leave, they will move their manufacturing to Poland. Understandable enough. What’ll those people in Sunderland do now?

The transition according to the experts is not going to be pretty and this particular client is sufficiently certain that Spain is the place a further 1,000,000 Britons will move to in the next ten years, he put his deposit down immediately.

There is a silver lining, we think.

So, first things first; We need to be sure all the British people who are here in Spain already, especially the English people are protected. Do you own a property in Spain? Have you been paying your Suma, are you up to date with your non-resident tax, is your will in place? All vital questions with such uncertainty in the air. If you are unsure, check it out now.

Have you got your deeds in your hand? Even if you are not a Spanish solutions client, the girls are happy to help in any way they can and while our predictions are pure guess work, the importance of being fully tax compliant and legal right now cannot be overstated.

[email protected]

Are you thinking of investing in Euroland with your Sterling right now? This is not the time to take short cuts. Please only deal with a registered agent and make sure you use the services of Spanish Solutions who will check absolutely everything. This is not the time to try and employ a non-tax paying Estate Agent.

If you are buying in Spain, as an investment, and you are looking for a rental return, please remember all relevant invoices Comaskey or Spanish Solutions give you can be written off against income. If you wish to speak to Alex Sanchez, Tax Consultant before you put your money down, please let us know and we will provide this service for the next month (July only) absolutely free of charge.

Email Claire on [email protected] and she will arrange your sit-down or a Skype call with Alex.


Donald Tusk, President of the European Council:

“What doesn’t kill you (Europe) makes you stronger”, June 29th 2016.

Golden Visa for Britain.

When Europe was desperate for investment after the credit crisis a few years back, the concept of the Golden Visa was born. Chinese buyers in particular, were encouraged to buy property in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and to a lesser extend Britain, in exchange for a Golden Visa. With this half-way house between citizenship and a tourist visa, buyers were granted access to

  • Health cover.
  • Free movement.
  • The right to vote and ultimately full citizenship.

A passport could be granted in as little as 3 months if buyers had invested over 1.25 million euro but for people with smaller budgets there was a very important unofficial fast track, which still exists. Buyers and owners with a set of deeds in Spain for any property at any price, are totally legal and covered.

Europe will do the same now except for Britain … and guess where the buyers are going to want to come to? Spain. Buying now, we hope will mean certainty for British people, and a very good option for those who are keeping the wait and see approach.

We are not making this stuff up.

Motley Fool, UK Edition, Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Furthermore, the UK’s exit from the EU could cause reduced investment from foreign companies. Access to the single market is favoured by multinationals and if the UK does not gain access, the job losses or job relocations could become a feature of the next few years.



Next, again back to my client/friend in Sunderland. He is too young to retire and possibly, will be glad of an income when he makes the full move to Spain.

He is looking at opening a business here, and maybe this is where you are in life too?

There are always openings in Spain for people who enjoy this relaxed working environment; for tradespeople and service providers, property listers and property managers, Uber style taxi drivers, trainers and therapists.

The obvious sector to be in right now is Real Estate. Comaskey are offering franchises to ex pats who are interested in opening a new business but more than that- We are selling franchises to people who are looking for a new life.


Nothing in this article shall be construed as constituting advice to you or any other person, as our advice depends on the circumstances of the person concerned. Nothing in this article is to be relied on in making any decision. You should obtain relevant and specific up to date professional advice from our experts before making any decision.


If you’ve seen our prospects (as our closest competitor in La Zenia clearly has!!!) you’ll know what we are offering; training, access to our network of collaborators, our unique sales ability, admin service, SEO, IT service, marketing and the real winner- close ties to Spanish solutions.


Although for legal reasons Spanish Solutions is not a part of the Franchise offering, this team is what makes our Franchise so unique. No other Real Estate firm that we know of has 8,500 files relating to happy clients. We have, and that is the proof our potential Franchisees and their future clients need.

Spanish Solutions will help structure our franchisees businesses and ensure they are paying not one Euro too little or too much in Tax. This credibility works while giving clients who do not know who we are, confidence in knowing that they have a legal, ethical and efficient group of experts on the same team.


So, yes we are offering a turnkey success package and all that comes with it- A completion department, a Lead Generation department etc. But that’s not the whole story, in fact it’s not half the story.

We are offering our clients and friends a new way to live. How does it sound to you… Tell us honestly? No more traffic jams, no more Brexit talk, no more bickering politicians, no more paying too much tax, no more 50, 60 or 70 hour weeks. Imagine actually having time in the morning to eat a breakfast with your kids. Imagine, a job whereby you are well paid and rewarded for helping people to find their dream property in Spain. Imagine the BBQs, the golf, the beach, the 365 days of better than UK weather, no more competing with the Jones’ and on top of that you’ll be selling a product that people want to buy and that you know is the best on the market. Imagine.

That is what we are offering.

If you’d like to take a look at our brochure or find out more details, please let Claire know:

[email protected]

PS, for the summer of 2016, we are offering three Franchise Territories at a 50% discount. Only those who register with Janet will be considered- you must pass a few fairly simple requirements and you can begin trading within a few months. This offer is first come first served, limited to three franchises.

So, if you are not going to move to Spain and open a property business, then what?

We have a bar for sale, please see the link below


medium_4821_tn_la_zenia_bar_for_sale (6)

Perhaps, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for? Repayments on a 100,000 loan will be less than 1,000 pm. Do you think working behind your own bar, serving your customers while giving Britain time to sort itself out might be the way you want to live, then give Tracie an email:

[email protected]

This monthly newsletter piece has run a little over my word count. Sorry Amanda. It was important though to clarify a few things.

If you are making the move to Spain, do it sooner rather than later. (if fact if you arrange it now, the kids will have time to be in School by September- don’t worry we help with that too).


If you already own property in Spain, make sure that you have done everything that the Spanish Government and local town hall expects of you. Email Amanda if you have any doubts. [email protected]


If you are thinking that a new life on the Costa Blanca might be for you, please let us know.

[email protected]

We are happy to talk through a business idea you may have, a new life opportunity and of course if you are buying here now to get on the property ladder in Spain, you should check out our

100,000-euro Summer Sales Event Giveaway.

Sorry again for the loooong greeting- we thought you’d like the good news. The Earth (in Spain at least) is still turning!!

Speak to you soon,


PS- have you read our new E-book, “HOW TO BECOME A REAL ESTATE AGENT IN SPAIN’ – just email Claire and she’ll send it to you, [email protected]



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