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Buying property on the Costa Blanca is hard.

Finding the right estate agent – an agent you can trust who has done this for years, and who is legal and tax compliant is hard.

Asking that agent if they can provide you with references is hard. Having to get in touch with some of these referees to find out if they actually exist is really hard.

Sticking to your budget can be hard when the agent shows you property outside of your price range.

Writing out your list of things you would “like” in your new property in Spain (maybe a private pool is not a priority for example); a list of things you absolutely must have (perhaps a communal pool is a must) and things you absolutely must avoid (for example some estates in Spain have higher community fees) is hard.

Finding a legal company who will pay your Spanish tax on your new property and not leave you with a nasty surprise down the road is hard.

Having a plan when buying on the Costa Blanca, and sticking to it is hard. You’ll be distracted by shiny new things certain agents will tell you about; a guy you meet in a bar who advises you to buy a private deal; a bank repossession that is too good to be true. Not allowing yourself to get blown off course when you want to buy a property in Spain, is certainly hard.

The only thing when its comes to this business after 14 years in La Zenia that is harder…. Not doing any of these things, taking short cuts, buying off an agent who does not even have an office, cutting corners on your legal team – now that is going to make things very hard.

If you do the Spanish property buying process in the right way from the start, you will do so safe in the knowledge that it gets a whole lot easier.
After all that’s why we moved here – For a care free EASY life in Spain!

Comaskey Properties have been selling property in La Zenia and further afield since 2002.
Maybe we can help you to find that perfect home under the Costa Blanca sun.
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