Can you move to Spain?



1.3 million people were killed all over the World last year in automobile accidents- What’s going to happen when the self-driving car takes over our roads within the next ten years? It’ll mean less entertainment on the roundabouts on the Costa Blanca, that’s for sure! That figure for road deaths will go to zero. If you are in the motor insurance industry, now might be a good time to start thinking of your new business in Spain- Motor insurance, like so many other safe and traditional industries may not even exist soon!

Technology takes what used to be scarce and makes it abundant. It’s not because we are smarter, or we have better politicians – it’s all because of technology. The cost of this technology too is almost zero. What’s app, Drop Box, Skype – all changing the world, all free!

Your ability to open your dream business in Spain has never, ever in history been easier.

Internet, cloud storage, outsourcing the jobs you don’t like- it’s all there, cheap and simple. You can hire a virtual assistant in India to manage your books on Sage for 5 USD per hour while you spend time with your clients, doing the work you love. (and the work that actually produces most of your income).

People are not smarter in 2017 than Henry Ford or John D. Rockefeller were- the real difference when you are thinking of opening a business is the cost of an experiment. Now it is 1,000 times cheaper than it was back then. If you look at moving to Spain as an example and you are ready to become an estate agent, cross fit trainer, dog groomer, whatever- if it does not work, it’s not important and its easily fixed. You can just do something else tomorrow if you don’t like what you are doing today. You could literally decide this minute to move to Spain, get in touch with Comaskey and you can open the doors to your business within a month, or less- maybe even within two weeks.

Experimentation is key for your health and wellbeing. What if you run 1,000 experiments 99.9% of them can fail (hopefully not) but the 1,000th one might just be the new Comaskey/Uber or Tesla.

Energy: We will on a planet that produces 5,000 more energy per day than we need in a year! Spain has sun- loads of it. Surely the economy in Spain will boom once we can make solar energy cheaper than oil and traditional power sources. Elon Musk, owner of Tesla says that in 20 years, there will be no more need for any power source except the power of the sun- 20 years.

Suddenly we’ll have more energy than we can ever use, according to Musk, it can be as low as 100 times less in cost than oil.

We are fighting over water in Spain now- Golf courses want it, the farmers and horticulturalists want it, the towns and villages need it. We live on a water planet however- we have loads of water, just not in a usable form. In fact, just .5% of the water on Earth is usable- this will all change when energy is so cheap-  imagine how that will change the landscape on the Costa Blanca. Water everywhere….

“The World’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest opportunities” Peter Diamandis.

We are amazed by the progress we’ve made and we are continuing to make incredible strides forward. There are currently 2 billion people connected to the internet- Its estimated that Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg will add 5 billion more people to that number. The internet connection is not what we had to endure back in 1995 remember. BBC player now works like a HD projector in Spain. We forget the force of innovation the internet was all those years ago, it’s about to explode again.

Are there business opportunities we can sell to these people who are all coming online? Can we offer them banking, real estate in Spain, holidays on the Costa Blanca? Can we cooperate and partner up with these people? Can we offer them Graphic design services, or text and content editing while sitting on the beach in Cabo Roig? We probably can.

Do these collaborators and potential clients care if you are based in the UK, Germany or Spain? Not at all – you can set up your online business here in La Zenia in your living room and have access to billions of clients. All you must do is have the right mindset and be determined not to waste the best remaining years of your life, in a job you hate. Remember you can’t move to Spain ten years ago, you can do it today. Maybe another way to think about it is:

In 10 years, you’ll be ten years older whether you stay in your current job in the cubicle or make the change to Spain.

If you do decide to move to the Costa Blanca Comaskey will help you to become a success here however success looks to you:

Maybe you want happier kids,

A healthier you,

a lower golfing handicap,

an opportunity to finish your novel,

write sculpt or paint that classic.

If you believe you cannot you are right- Why not come to Spain and meet the Comaskey team here in La Zenia. At the very least, why not reach out and send us an email- we are here to help and 3,000 happy buyers of Spanish property since 2002, can’t all be wrong!




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