Rewarding Property Investments

Property investment can be a rewarding endeavour. Equity Release Spain has properties available to acquire at significant discounts, in some cases up to 50% off their market value. The additional benefit of allowing the seller to remain in the property until they no longer require it adds a unique dimension to this investment strategy. Investing […]

Fortuna Golf, a Major Spanish bank, a court ruling and how “No Win No Fee” can help you!

panish Solutions and Comaskey have a great deal for Spanish property clients who purchased in Spain in the past from a lawyer and Estate Agent who did not do their job. We can get you a major refund, without outlaying any of your own money – if you lose the case, you pay nothing. If you win your case, you pay us a % of the winnings- that’s how confident we are in ou

Why You Can’t Deal With Spanish Banks – Comaskey Properties

We´ve been holding back on the banks recently, our solicitor advises us not to say how we feel about their role surrounding the uncertainty  in the property market in Spain. We think this is watered down enough to give you and idea of why nobody can deal with Spanish banks for repossession property and still […]

A last, Relief for the Spanish banks. – Comaskey Properties

The leaders of the 17 Eurozone countries announced on July 10th that the 30 billion euro needed by the Spanish banks will finally be released before the end of the month. Its good news for those of us with even small amounts deposited in the Spanish banking system. The bank run is over and our […]

The Markets of Spain – Comaskey Properties

If you happen to be at one of the local markets (in Torrevieja, San Miguel or Playa Flamenca) and you see a person standing at the entrance with a clipboard, you will note they are offering “FREE” coach trips. This is not a gimmick and they are totally “FREE” to one of several destination’s, All […]

The History of the Property Market – Comaskey Properties

Lets take a trip back in time, not to far only 10 years or so, and see what happen with reference to what we could have or should have done. The year is around 1999 and the market is stable, they are not building that many more new houses than is required. This is […]