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Many of our clients ask us about education and child care for kids while they are considering moving to Spain. Both of our little boys have attended the PLANETARIUM Infant School in Playa Flamenca and we can not recommend it highly enough. The school is fully authorised by the Valencia department of education. All the “lessons” are through Spanish which the children all pick up in a ridiculously short time. The parents are probably half Spanish and half ex-pat so it’s a great cultural mix.


The nursery has the objective of developing social skills, language, physical and motor skills, develop curiosity, improve communication – that sort of thing. The children all participate in the various Spanish fiestas – Literally the local police will block off the roads around the school so my two year old can dress up in Easter and Christmas costume and take part in some real Spanish activity. It’s the sort of thing that the children very much enjoy and the parents will remember for a lifetime. When not out parading, the boys or girls, sing, play sports (well, they run around a lot at least!) draw, chat and learn basics like days of the week, penmanship, colours etc.

We were concerned putting our first little man into school, even though it was only initially for three hours per day but he loved it and it really aided his development as a toddler. As it´s a state sponsored school, its super value for money too, certainly compared to the cost of childcare in other countries. Your child can start at 8 am stay until 6pm and have lunch and siesta all for about 300 euro per month. More typical hours however are 9-3. The ages of children are from 2 to 4 for full time places and up to 6 years for short term stays. You absolutely need to register in advance due to the high demand of getting children in.

Contact Andrea, her sister Olympia or Alfonso on the number below – They speak pretty good English or if you´d like someone at Comaskey Properties to take you down to Playa Flamenca and introduce you, we´ll be very happy to do so.


Escuela Infantil Planetarium
Calle Iguazú, 6. Esquina con calle Niágara.
Urbanización Las Piscinas. Playa Flamenca, Orihuela Costa (Orihuela).
Teléfono: 965 071 897

email: [email protected]

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