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We were so pleased to receive this wonderful testimonial letter from a Chinese client. We have reproduced her English as it was, but it is such a great letter.  It says a lot about the relationship between China and Spain and how these lovely people view this country.

Hello Ian!
I heard you are writing a book about Spain, I am sincerely admire your talent and happy for you!Remember the first time 13 hours fly long distances to come to Spain ali leftover, your office, SEAN and ELLENA with H and I went to the beach, near the city, the shops around the shop, I was attracted by the beautiful scenery and quiet life here.H regrets ground say: “life happiness index is not high in here!”
Thank you very much, busy two days, whole SEAN drive very hard with us in the urban area selected a set of the HOUSE, I am very satisfied.This HOUSE is my dream HOUSE, first of all, it is very beautiful!Three floors of large balcony sunshine, can let my child and I on the sunshine and the number of the stars at night.

The bedroom on the second floor of the room is very vital qi, the two rooms to the south, outside the room has a big balcony, very let me joy!West of a large bedroom with a bathroom and a balcony, feeling will have a good dream my inside!On the first floor of the hall has a very large area, atmosphere and style very much!Sunny and fireplace, Christmas my daughter and I can read in front of the fireplace and the game!On the first floor there is a toilet, kitchen and one in the workshop.Facilities is full and the work place is very big, I think my housework operation will be very handy!Outside on the first floor hall has a large terrace, terrace is a big garden outside.Can accommodate more than a dozen friends in the garden and terrace for rest and entertainment!

Second, my HOUSE’s geographical location and the surrounding environment is I am very satisfied.Beside the HOUSE, walk ten minutes is a very good school, thank ELLENA took us to visit that day, communicate with school teachers of the children learn.That school has rich experience in teaching, the teachers are very friendly and love!We introduced them to a Spanish citizenship has a wealth of experience in teaching foreign children, because their school children with nine different countries where reading, also asked me about children see also gave me some.This makes me very relieved and happy!Will have long left their own country and family life with children choose to live in Spain, children can get a good education is one of my mother’s biggest wish!In addition, house community environment is very good, my neighbor is British and Spanish.Look have higher literacy and very friendly manners!Feel and do their neighbors will be very happy.House on a hill, you can also see at a distance coastline, the whole community environment is very beautiful, clean swimming pool and other facilities is also very important!
When I come back to China, I bought the HOUSE photos first experience in Spain and I told my Chinese friends, they are very like my HOUSE, very impressive!I have relatives and friends in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, they all know before I go to Spain have been looking for a New Zealand lawyer working on the New Zealand immigration visa formalities, why will change my mind to go to Spain?I told the I chose Spain reason to my friends.The first and the most important thing is the Spanish is a very important country in Europe, where there are beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.Life for children.Choose Europe because Europe has my child and I have a passion for the long history and culture, my child has a gift for her on the drawing!This in China, her painting talent to the teacher evaluation is very high, the teacher want us to do the parents to find the opportunity to develop more in this respect.But Europe is a paradise of art.Spain’s national in art is also a leader!Children like to dance, I want her to learn Spanish the world-famous paso doble, Flamenco, tango.

The Spanish language is also one of the five major languages in the world, the United States of California Asia, South America is very common in many parts of the world, not only in TORREVIEJA area has beautiful scenery and there are a lot of British people living in this area, I think my children live here and learning, can learn English and Spanish, that is my most happy things.After I think she can go to try to know more about the world when he grows up.Learn more knowledge, rich experience of her life.To become a useful person can make a little contribution in the world!This is my choice for children living in the main reason of Spain.Second, Spain and China has always been very good, the relationship between the two countries are friends, Spain’s prime minister, just to visit China this is known to all, the two countries economic cooperation in the future will be is a good time, I recommend all my friends can go to the Spanish national tourism, introduce them to Spain to see here rich in agricultural products and modern science and technology.There are a lot of business opportunities can be reference for them!

Here I thank you again for IAN and his colleagues in the company to give my help!When I apply for your visa formalities here will happily belt daughter lives to Spain!I look forward to an early to go to Spain in this beautiful and god of country!

非常感谢你们,整整忙了两天,SEAN开车很辛苦陪我们在城区里挑选了一套我本人非常满意的HOUSE。这间HOUSE 是我梦想中的房子,首先,它非常漂亮!三层楼的阳台很大很阳光,可以让我和孩子在上面晒太阳和夜晚数星星。二楼的卧室房型很正气,朝南面二个房间,房间外有一个大露台,非常让我欢喜!西面的一个大卧室带一个卫生间和一个露台,感觉睡在里面我就一定会做好梦!一楼的大厅面积很大,非常大气和气派!阳光充足且还有壁炉,圣诞节我和女儿可以在壁炉旁看书和游戏!一楼还有个卫生间,厨房间和一个在的工作间。设施很全而且工作地方很大,我想我操作家务会非常得心应手!一楼大厅外还有个很大的露台,露台外面是一个很大的花园。可以容下十多个朋友在花园和露台里休息和娱乐! 其次,我的HOUSE 所处的地理位置和周边的环境是我很满意的。 HOUSE的旁边走路十几分钟就是一个很好的学校,感谢ELLENA那天带我们去学校参观,跟学校的老师交流了下孩子学习的情况。那个学校有丰富的教学经验,老师非常友好和慈爱!给我们介绍了他们对非西班牙国籍的外籍孩子有着丰富的教学经验,因为他们学校有九个不同国家的孩子在那里读书,还问了我孩子的一些情况也给了我一些见议。这使我非常放心和快乐!必竟不远万里离开自己生活的国家和家庭带孩子选择在西班牙生活,孩子能够得到良好的教育是我一个做母亲的最大心愿!另外,房子所处的社区环境很好,我的邻居是英国人和西班牙人。看上去都有着较高的素养和非常友好的礼节!感觉和他们做邻居会很快乐。房子在一个小山坡上,远远地还可以看见海岸线,整个社区环境非常优美,游泳池和其他设施也非常齐全和干净!
当我回到中国,把我买的HOUSE照片和我在西班牙的第一次经历告诉我的中国朋友们,他们都非常喜欢我的HOUSE,非常赞叹!我有亲戚和朋友在加拿大,在澳大利亚,在新西兰,他们都知道在我去西班牙之前都已经找了新西兰的律师在办新西兰的移民签证手续了,为什么会改变我的心意去了西班牙?我把我选择西班牙的理由告诉了我的朋友们。首先也是最重要的一点是西班牙在欧洲是个很重要的国家,这里风景优美,气候宜人。适合孩子生活。选择欧洲是因为欧洲有我孩子和我都酷爱的悠久的历史和文化,我的孩子在画画上有她的天赋!这个在中国,她画画的天赋让她的教师评价很高,老师希望我们做家长的能够找到机会在这方面多培养她。而欧洲可是个艺术的天堂啊。西班牙国家在艺术上也是个佼佼者!孩子喜欢跳舞,我想让她学习西班牙举世闻名的斗牛舞,Flamenco, tango. 另外西班牙的语言也是世界上五大语种之一,美国的加里福利亚洲,南美洲世界上很多地方都很通用,在TORREVIEJA地区不仅有美丽的风景而且还有很多英国人住在这个地区,我想我的孩子在这里生活和学习,能够学会英语和西班牙语,那是我最最开心的事情。我想她以后长大了可以去尝试着多了解世界。多学习知识,丰富她的人生经验。成为一个能为世界作出点小小贡献的有用的人!这是我为孩子选择生活在西班牙的最主要的原因。其次,西班牙和中国的关系一直都很好,两个国家是朋友,西班牙首相刚到中国访问过这个大家都知道的,两个国家在以后的经济合作上会是一个很好的时机,我推荐我所有的朋友们都可以到西班牙国家旅游,介绍他们来西班牙看看这里丰富的农产品和现代化科技。有很多的商业机会可以供他们参考!
在这里我再次感谢IAN 和他的公司里同事们给予我的帮助!等我这里办好签证手续就会高高兴兴地带女儿去西班牙生活!我期待能早日去到西班牙这个美丽和神密的国家!

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