Comaskey Franchise Opportunity

Everyone dreams of a better life...

Please read this updated information for 2021

What a great idea selling Comaskey Properties franchises was. It didn't work of course but it could have changed the face of real estate in Spain. No exaggeration.

We opened a few franchised offices in Pilar de la Horadada and La Mata. We had others ready to go but luckily they changed their minds before the disastrous take-over of Comaskey Properties back in 2018.

We are willing as always to help new estate to get set up in their practices but now we need to be sure that our values match before we associate our name with any Spanish estate agent. I remember speaking to a Belgian girl who had huge potential 5 or 6 years ago. I told her my opinion of the errors estate agents to make in their business and how she could have a profitable business within 2 years. She replied that she would have a more profitable business than me in two months if she did it her way. Her plan didn't work and she now works as a low paid agent for a builder in a showhouse in Torrevieja. I'm not saying for sure that if she had followed our plan she'd have made it but by ignoring our advice she certainly put herself at a disadvantage.

To see how our Franchise plan worked, just read the information below.

P.S. Talking to Adam Cook we think we probably could run a version of the franchise plan again. We sold the previous franchisees on two things. 1. Our ability to close deals while offering value to our clients and 2. Our reputation. Since our debacle of the takeover with sun world, we can no longer say we have the best reputation in Spain amongst estate agents. Our systems work and the reputation will soon follow. We would consider setting up a few franchisees, obviously not charge them anything and see how it went.


Comaskey Franchise overview.

Selling dreams in Spain since 2002.

Have you had enough of a stressful life that you no longer want or enjoy? Do you think there is something bigger out there for you? Did you really sign up for the stressed out lifestyle?

Are you ready to turn your Spanish Dream into something bigger.... A new start in Spain. It is possible and we at Comaskey can show you how.

Everyone is looking for a better way to live, not just to merely exist, but to actually live better.

We are constantly searching for a way to change our lives, to find a better way. We dream of finding a way to cut out the fast food and the slow traffic. We hate the competition at the office and in the neighbourhood. We gain little from the increasing size of the cars we drive and screens we stare at. We live with and endure, the ever decreasing amount of time we spend doing what we love. Our way of life is slowly being chipped away, lost in a world of stress.

According to the UK HSE, the recent Labour force survey tells us:

35% of all work related ill health is due to stress.

43% of all sick days in the UK are down to stress.

The main factors that can cause stress are workload pressures, tight deadlines, commute, too much responsibility and lack of Managerial support. Stress is making us sick! Have you had enough?

What are the alternatives?

We think a career in Real Estate in Spain might offer you a much better life, under the shining Spanish sun.

Interested? Why not schedule a call with Ian by clicking the link?

A bit about us....

Since 2002 Comaskey Spanish property have been providing our clients and our friends, with a better way to enjoy their lives, to enjoy Spain, our little piece of heaven. No other agent in Spain offers more value than we do because they have the range of services we do.

We built our business model from the ground up focusing always on our clients. This meant we were guaranteed happy clients who brought us repeat business and it paid off.

As a company, we joined the 1% in 2012. It’s worth considering that only 1 out of every 100 businesses lasts ten years or longer. Well Comaskey Spanish Real Estate reached that landmark and we did it by giving our clients something nobody else choose to or had the resources to give them. We give our clients massive value and in return they have helped create this dream life for us in Spain. We became successful by helping people. The more we help them, the more we do for others, the more we grow and the more successful we are.

Brian Tracy, world famous business coach said: You can achieve all your dreams in life by helping as many people as possible achieve theirs!

People often told us we should bottle and sell the good feeling we were giving our property buyers, and those who we helped to set up in business on the Costa Blanca, now in 2016 we are about to start doing just that.

We've been living the dream, and now we have realized that we can help others to live that dream too.

Make no mistake, we entered this business all those years ago to be very profitable. Anything else was a bonus. We have learned the property tax and Spanish legal business inside out- we know what works, we know what does not. Now for the first time we are prepared to share the secret with people who will in turn share our outlook, our vision of what this sector can give to us. We are creating the most qualified Real Estate Company in Spain.

You can be a part of our future.

A little more about us...

Comaskey Spanish Properties as it was called then, opened its doors in March 2002. We sold our first house a couple of weeks later and just like that, we were hooked.

The sense of accomplishment we got when we knew we had the ability to match the right buyer to the right home washed over us like a tidal wave - We knew we could do this, we love our work and people were paying us for the privilege.

We expanded rapidly, and as we had no experience in the sector we reinvented the whole process as we went along.

We found ways to bypass inefficiencies- banks, lawyers, town halls, builders etc. all had to be re-educated in the way it was supposed to be done. Soon our competitors followed suit, and today we see our business practices constantly carbon copied all across the Orihuela Costa area and further afield too. Within a month of announcing our franchise plans this summer, we had a copycat in La Zenia. Our competitors really do believe that we influence the whole sector and we love being so influential.

In 2005 we decided to make our new found legal and taxation strategy a stand-alone business and Spanish Solutions legal and taxation firm was born. We worked with a Spanish solicitor, Aitor and a Spanish accountant Juan Carlos and although that particular business relationship ended, the concept remained.

We were the Estate Agents constantly looking for a better way for Comaskey clients to get things done in Spain. In 11 years, Spanish Solutions solved more than 8,000 problems- that’s quite the success story! Spanish Solutions is not part of the franchise offer but access to taxation, legal and fiscal help through the 2014 'Pride of Spain' Business of the year award winners, very much is.

No other franchise in Spain, that we have encountered, offers the level of help and support as the Comaskey Real Estate business model. Our ethics, drive, reputation combined with our tied suppliers; currency companies, tradespeople, tax advisors, social media experts etc. can offer you what we think is the top Real Estate franchise concept on the Spanish market.

Let me show you how we will help you:

  • Profit- you can earn some very solid commission by helping others to achieve their Spanish dream, just like we did back in 2002.
  • Time- no long commute to work, no 50, 60 or 70 hour weeks. You are in control of your time and you spend it as you wish.
  • Contentment- We are happy here in the knowledge that we are giving our clients a better Real Estate experience. We think that you will be happy here too.
  • A Healthy way of life- we eat better, exercise more and suffer less stress than the typical worker in the city of London according to the NHS.
  • Spain- The weather, the golf, the beach, the family time, the lifestyle. Now, you can experience it full time!

The Concept of Comaskey is simple:

This business relationship must work for you as well as for us. If you do not succeed, we do not succeed. This must work for you.

Let’s meet up and chat, if we think we are a good match, then the fun can begin. If you'd like to talk over Skype we can gladly arrange that.

Please email Claire: The first three franchisees get special offers and help on getting their offices open for business.

We will find you an area, based on our knowledge, that we think will suit you best. We will give you the facts and figures, who is buying there, projected commissions, the competition, suggestions for your new office and together we will get your new business open.

While this is going on, we will train you how to be an Agent in Spain- we will at least show you what you absolutely need to know.

This training initially will take the form of four weeks riding shotgun with us, with real clients, closing real deals here in La Zenia. We will work with you for a week in your new office, then we will speak to you as much or as little as we decide necessary to get you up and running. We offer you free legal and taxation advice, establishing your business in the most tax efficient way and we check your targets and goals regularly, helping you actually hit them.

This business models works- it's a join the dots concept and we will help you to do it.

We take away the hardship and we will try our best to make your business a success, holding your hand where necessary.

Just to reiterate what I said... The success of this whole project is dependent on your success.

Fehin Comaskey quote "I remember when I started selling Real Estate in Spain with my nephew Ian, I loved it. I couldn't believe people were paying me to do a job that was so much fun."

That lasted until the work took over. We hired some staff to take over the viewings, the fun bit because well, someone had to do the accounts, lead generation, lead management, ensure the deals got across the line and make sure we got paid, issue invoices, pay the wages and answer the phone. I found I was giving away the fun activities because I didn't have a system to do the work for me.

It's all changed since those dark days all those years ago but for many Estate agents here in Spain they might as well be employees of their own businesses. Not Comaskey Agents.... We just follow the recipe these days and the fun is back in Real Estate for us.

The Comaskey concept will hopefully not allow what happened to Ian and Fehin and so many agents on the Costa Blanca to happen to you. The system takes it all away from you- the stress, the hassle. We have accountants, administrators and marketing experts to deal with what you don't want to or need to.

You do the fun stuff, meet the clients that our lead generation department will help to put in front of you. Next you introduce them to their new house in Spain.

It's simple.

Property in Spain is once again a red hot market in 2016. Hundreds of millions of Euro changed hands in the country last year. Real Estate is a unique business model in so many ways. When people are panicking all around the world, buyers can still see the value in Spanish property.

Clients will show up at your office not to complain, but to give you chocolates, flowers and Thank You cards!

Is it like that in your current job?

This is a real opportunity- a genuine chance to start a new business, a new life in sunny Spain.

Talk to us and we will show you how.

Email Claire today:

PS. Don't forget the first three franchisees to sign up get Thousands of Euro in special offers, discounts, help towards opening your office etc.

PPS. Still not convinced? Why not come to Spain and meet the team? You can spend a day chatting to us and watching us in action. If that does not convince you that there is a better way to live, well nothing will.

Please..... get in touch today.

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