Contactless Payments – Comaskey Properties

Do you know what “contactless” payments are?

It is a fairly new way of using your card or even your mobile telephone to just wave or touch them to the contactless reader and when you hear a beep the transaction is done. It is quicker and easier and saves you remembering your pin.  Also the card is not going to get so damaged from swiping. there obviously is a higher risk in case it is lost or stolen, so therefore therefore there is usually a maximum amount you can spend (which is fairly low) and after a few transactions you are asked for your pin again to ensure you are a genuine customer.

You probably have not even noticed if there is a contactless symbol on your card, which looks a bit like a sideways WIFI signal.

From the 1st December, Mercadona will have this option available in all their stores across Spain for purchases less than 20€, so you can just whizz in and out.  Also customers will be able to use their mobile phones to purchase if they have the contactless technology (very few have in the UK at the moment) or with a special app called NFC, which you top up with funds.

I have to say as an ex-banker I am going to err on the side of caution with this, especially the way Spanish banks are if the card was stolen…


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