Costa Blanca Cross Fit

CrossFit on the Costa Blanca.
Fit4All, Punta Prima.

Anyone who listens to me, and that’s not many people, will hear me raving on about the exercise sensation called CrossFit.
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program which consists of a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercises, and Olympic weightlifting (squats, jerks etc)  executed at high intensity for periods typically of 20 minutes or so. There are 10,000 gyms which sprouted like mushrooms across the world over the past few years who specialise in Crossfit training.

As it happens, I’m recovering from a cross fit injury myself right now, but that’s much more my fault than that of Crossfit!!

Anyway, our favourite gym in the area is Fit4All in Punta Prima. The boss man, Rodrigo wants to set up a crossfit “box” but as neither he nor personal trainer Jason have the experience as of yet, so they are looking to bring in an outsider investor/trainer who will work with them to run classes.

Obviously the right person for the job will have experience in exercise instruction and ideally a knowledge of crossfit or other high intensity training.

Then they need to purchase the equipment- including barbells, dumbbells, skipping ropes, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, jump ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, boxes, resistance bands, and various mats. I guess you are looking at less than 10,000 euro to get yourself set up with signage, business cards, advertising etc. In reality a couple of ads in the Costa Blanca People is all you’ll need as word will spread pretty quickly about the new classes. Also because the gym is so well located on the main La Zenia to Torrevieja road in Punta Prima the gym is very visible.

Personally I think there is an opportunity here for someone looking to move to Spain who needs a steady stream of income.

Living on the Costa Blanca, running exercise classes in Punta Prima at night and showing off your rock hard body on La Zenia beach during the day, is hardly the worst way to pass a few years!!!

If you are interested I can arrange a sit down with Jason, Rodrigo and Ella and you can hammer out the details.

Spanish Solutions can help get you registered on the Spanish laboral system, get you tax compliant and insured etc.

They will also help you and the nice people in Fit4All gym get a business contract signed that protects all parties involved.

There is nothing in this for me- I just think it would be a shame for one of our clients or friends to not get a crack at what I think will be a hugely successful venture- once it’s ran and organised correctly.

On a short side note, well done to Jason Scawthorn, the previously mentioned personal trainer in Punta Prima who last weekend completed the Valencia Spartan race!! Now, he is working with Torrevieja town hall on getting a Spartan race to Costa Blanca next year- Can you imagine how great that would be for the area!!


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