Do You Fancy Owning A Fishing Boat In Spain?

What a marvalous idea to buy a fishing boat and sail around the mediterranean. How better could you imagine your life spent?

A simple boat that does the job. Have you ever thought about fishing as a little hobby? Or maybe just a quaint little sail boat to chill out on?

Most people think its and old mans hobby and treasure looking after a boat,  you also don´t have to be a man to wear the Captains hat!

But I asure you that even the younger generation now like to sail and take some time out, this little boat is perfect for just that.

Taking the boat out for the weekend, or maybe a BBQ at sea? Now theres an idea! You could sail the boat down to La Manga in the summer and enjoy the marine life that surrounds you whilst you swim in the water. Dophins were spotted of the coast this summer, what an amazing experience!

Friends and family would be able to enjoy the benefits too as you can enjoy family outings and trips.

This boat could also be a good idea for a little business if you would prefer to have an income aswell. Daytrips and outings on the sea is an easy way to make your money back, especially in the summer months. Or quick runovers from the mainland to the islands. The opportunities are endless!

Have a ponder at how care free you would feel upon this boat and calling it yours! If you´re not quick enough you might see this bargain sail by…

This murcian fishing boat could be yours for 20.000€. (does not include life jackets or radio licence).


Written by Sophie Chambers

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