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In keeping with the two certainties of living, owning and working in Spain, the government last week announced the details of the new ‘energy performance certificate’ law and it is a clear as a barrel of mud.

The other certainty followed and already estate agents and a new breed of opportunist, the out of work engineer, have jumped on the band wagon in order to create a panic buy for property owners in Spain.

The details of the Law are available on-line yet it does not say anything. The general idea is that people who rent their property or are selling ‘should’ have this energy certificate in place.

I personally spoke to a notary this week who said she has no idea if she needs to suggest it to her clients, hold back a provision of funds or refuse to let buyers and sellers complete deals without it. If she does not know, how can we know?

If anyone tries to tell you they know exactly what is to be done, well they are mistaken. Nor do we know by the way if it is the obligation of the estate agent to provide this most basic document, or if we can in fact advertise properties without it – nobody knows yet. Imagine having to issue 200,000 certificates before June 1st – you think that can be done?

Two things, if you own a property here please sit still and when we know, you’ll know. Secondly Comaskey’s intend to proactively provide savings to our sellers and landlords. For example we will offer a free energy certificate to those who use Comaskey Properties for their key holding – that sort if thing. Spanish solutions too will offer deals… free annual tax return for a year if you get your energy certificate through them. You get the picture.

We never claim to be cheap, just offering energy, enthusiasm and excellence and we are really good at this job!

Stay tuned for more on the EPC.

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