I have never had problems at all in my house on the Orihuela Costa, cooking, washing and using electricity for all manner of things, courtesy of paying Iberdrola a large amount of money every couple of months. Then I started to notice frequent power cuts, when running for example the oven and one other applicance perhaps. Concerned, I checked my fuse box, but everything was still switched on and the electricity could be turned back on usually after turning one appliance off. I phoned Iberdrola who said I should check with an electrician. An electrician duly came and said “ahh you have a new Smart Meter”.

What is a Smart Meter?

Iberdrola are involved in a nationwide grid “improvement” which consists of changing the old electricity meters to new “Smart Meters”. These meters automatically disconnect the electricity if you exceed the amount that you are allowed (shown under contracted power or “potencia contrada” in kilowatts on your bill). Mine was only 3.3Kw and an average home needs 5.75 kw hence why the electrics kept tripping.

So to prevent these nuisance power cuts (and when there is a roast dinner in the oven it really is a nuisance!), I have had to contact Iberdrola (via Gema in Spanish Solutions office on [email protected]) to contract a higher amount of power.

A legal “boletin” or electrical installation certificate must be arranged, which costs approx 100€.

If you are in this situation as well, and are experiencing frequent cuts in your home or holiday home, whereby you need to press a green reset or flick the switches back off after a few minutes to restore power, then please contact Spanish Solutions.

They charge 50€ for the work involved but if you are half as frustrated as I was, it is worth having your contracted power increased!!

Amanda Thomas

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