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What To Do & Where To Go

Kids love adventure. And kids love animals! And Spain’s Costa Blanca is heaving with a whole bunch of stuff to do, even I´m getting excited telling you. This area does not get enough credit for the activities and amenities it provides. Here below are just some of the fantastic things to do while here on your holiday.


How about going to ´CASA DE LA PEDRERA´ a.k.a. The Grand Designs house, in Torremendo, where you can enjoy a brilliant afternoon out with horseriding, canoe boats, haybale riding, quadbiking, along with an afternoon BBQ and use of the pool.

Only 20 minutes inland from La Zenia.

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Theres also a Zoo if your children are animal lovers. TERRA NATURA is adjacent to Terra Mitica and provides equally good shows and activities. Home to a vast amount of animals & species this Zoo really is a great day out, but again a full day is needed as the zoo is quite large. Maybe ELCHE SAFARI PARK might be better for you as it is smaller in size and the kids will have fun feeding the giraffes and elephants that reside there. They will have lots of fun too on the safari train that takes you around the park where the lions and crocodiles are. There is also a pool and a few water slides in case you need to cool off.


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´Parque de las Naciones´ 

Also known to the Brits as ´Parkanations´, here you can enjoy a gentle stroll through the park thats fenced in with lovely gardens where also wild chickens, peacocks, ducks and your common sparrow or pigeon, roam around freely amongst everyone. You can also walk round the mini lake where you can pay to go on a kids pedalo boat shaped as an animal. You can take the kids to the other end where there is a childrens park with a little shack that serves food and drink, bouncy castle and a gigantic dragon slide which is the kids favourite attraction. Or maybe chill out on the green grass and have a picnic, no matter what you do the kids will have plenty of fun for the afternoon safely closed in the park. In the summer month they hold communal gatherings and shows in the centre of the park next to the fountains which is used for a stage.

Within a little drive, 2hr 30mins to be exact, you will find Mini Hollywood in Murcia, where theres a Wild West set you can go and have a look around. Or grab a drink in The Yellow Rose Saloon, but to the edge there is also a Zoo, so thumbs up for animals there as well.  There they have, tigers, crocodiles, bears, horses and even meercats, among others, so all round a real Western treat!

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Mundomar is the equivalent to sea world, where it gives you a chance to see all the marine life that you could ever dream of!, Millions of different species of fish and other mammals, whales, dolphins,  octopus, sting wrays, sea lions, ect. It really is a day to remember, but a full day is needed, plenty of sunblock and water.


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If you´re after a themepark then theres none better in the area than TERRA MITICA.

Situated in Benidorm, its about a 1hr 15min drive from La Zenia, or catch the coach. Set back against it´s mountain, and split into 5 countries, Iberia, Rome, Greece, Egypt and the islands. Although it is not animal orientated, the shows are with parrots, eagles and snakes. With over 100 things to do including rollercoasters, mazes, water chutes, water rapids, 3D rides, trains, ships that take you over the rivers and great shows that will have you entertained for hours, although i do advise a full day at the park as it is so big. Water, sunblock and possibly a cap are essential as there is alot of walking to be done. A day you will remember forever!


These are just some of the tremendous activities that the Costa Blanca has. There are many more being added to the area every year, this beautiful stretch of coastline has so much to offer in all categories for all ages and is forever growing. The beaches have crisp white sand and crystal blue waters, why wouldn´t you come here for a holiday? Or even move here? Plenty of Brits have done just that and are already enjoying this magnificent lifestyle. Maybe buying your own little place here has been a dream of yours and were never able to make that final jump, well Comaskey Properties are here to help you with just that! And for all the legal issues that you might be hassled with doing then Spanish Solutions can be there to help you too.

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