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A Spanish hairdresser loses a client.

I´m not one for hair cuts – It’s not quite up there with the dentist but for me it’s such a waste of time – parking, setting an appointment, the little hair down my back – I don’t like it! My first question invariably is “how quickly can I be out of here”.

Lately in accordance with my new more productive self, I try to batch tasks and so I attempt a few jobs while only parking the car once. It was with joy I found a little Spanish hairdresser next to the gym. I timed it perfect, he was closing at 2, I had 45 minutes in the weight room, then over for my hair cut, then into the shower back in the gym- Brilliant.  With my timings co-ordinated like a swatch watch I went to the gym last wednesday with the plan in place – All went well until I turned up at my new hairdressers door 10 minutes before he closed for siesta – Lights off, coat on, keys in hand – he was about to lock up. I told him my plan and his reply… “no problem, just come back at 4.30” as he proceeded to lock the door. I thanked him knowling 100% I will never go back there again. Another Costa Blanca barber got my business instead that day. He wasnt going to get rich from me that day, but that’s the profession he picked, not me.

Imagine if he had said.. “well, I was about to go home early as it was quiet this morning. However, if you are happy for a quick cut, you´ll be done in 15 minutes…”.
I´d have readily agreed, he´d have got his 8 euro for my cut, plus a 2 euro tip. Most important he´d have turned me from a client into a raving fan – a customer who tells everyone about the fantastic service. I´d have written a blog about him and told everyone to go there.  Instead, well, he went home to sit on the couch for the afternoon.

When that salon closes down due to lack of profit, he´ll have 100 excuses – The people won’t pay, tax is too high, there is no traffic, the Costa Blanca is too sunny for haircuts – The real reason is he is not giving value to people.

Running a business in Spain is not unlike it is in Ireland or the UK. It´s all about giving value to your customer whether you are washing his car, selling her a Spanish property or giving a guy a haircut.   If you think you can give clients value and you want to open a business in Spain – We would be more than happy to help in any way we can.

Tip: If a client shows up at 1.50 pm for a men’s cut, just let me have one ok?

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