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Picture yourself setting at a bar in Cabo Roig or Playa Flamenca on the seafront sipping sangria with a few friends after a hard day of sight seeing and the conversation turns to what are we going to do tomorrow. This is where you show your friends that you
have some knowledge of the area as you suggest a trip to La Manga for 
the entire family. As you proceed to tell them some of the history and what there is to do there, not all as you want to keep a little to yourself, they readily agree to the venture, so let the journey begin.

To determine the location of La Manga, you first have to look for the Mar Menor (little sea), on the east coast of Spain and within the region of Murcia just above the
city of Cartagena. Mar Menor is part of the Costa Calida. The small
strip of land that separates the Mar Menor from the Mediterranean is
known as La Manga (the sleeve). This area forms the largest salt water
lake in Europe and comprises an area of 170 sq. km.

As for the history of the area it dates back to prehistoric times but
most of the archaeological surveys carried out in the area suggest
that most of the remains point to the Roman and Arabic periods.
History indicates that the Romans valued the area for the mining of
salt. The area appears much the same as it did 1000 years ago so you
 can imagine the Romans going about their work here. The Romans even 
gave it a name which was ”Belich,” a port of refuge. It was a lot 
deeper at that time and could accommodate larger vessels than it
 can today. Over the last hundred years or so it has become a tourist

The name La Manga is probably better known for its award winning La Manga Club. If you have euro’s to burn then this is the place to come to enjoy some serious self indulgence in this 1,400 acre holiday-makers paradise. This is the place to come if you
 want to be waited on hand and foot with all of the possible luxuries you 
could ask for. As you enter the La Manga strip (The Gran Via) the 
first thing you notice is the lighthouse (Cabo de Palos), this thin
coastal strip of hotels and houses run the length (28 kilometers) of
the lake. At the far end of the strip next to the yacht club (Tomas
 Maestre) is the other lighthouse (Punta del Cocedo). In between there
is lots of sandy breaches having spots for relaxing on both sides of
 the road. There are a lot of villages and other beaches to explore as well and to
name a few you can start with the famous beach spots like the Playa Honda,
Playa de Los Nietos or the Playa de Plato close to San Javier.

 No matter where you decide to spend your time on the Mar Menor, it is
 definitely worth a visit. If it is too cool in the Mediterranean then 
try the Mar Menor side as it is approximately 5 deg. Warmer. It is
 also a good place to bring the family as the beach is safe and child
friendly with lifeguards and there is a slow gradient in the depth of
 the water. If you feel the need for a little therapy then try the mud
baths close by known as ”Lo Pagan” which are believed to have 
healing properties. So you can really get down and dirty and when you are 
finished just run across the road and wash off.

 Last but not least, while you are in the area check out the bird lift
 on the salt-pans to the north of the Mar Menor. This area is
considered to be a place of great importance in Europe, as the
wetlands here contain a tremendous amount of wildlife species. Not
only is there a lot of local bird life here but based on the flight
patterns there is a amazing amount of migratory birds as well.

Sounds like a great adventure, you have convinced your friends to go, so all you have to do now is get going. What are you waiting for Christmas, well why not the weather is still good at that time of year for another visit.

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