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Two Huge Inheritance and Gift Tax law changes in Spain that you need to know about.

I´ve always said that the most unfair tax in the world is inheritance tax.  For me, if I work my little socks off for 50 years, paying my fair share of tax every month I feel that anything I leave behind should pass to my wife and two boys. Its terrible to see what families have had to pay over the years to the Spanish government (and governments all over the world for that matter) to finally get their share of what actually belongs to them.

It appears that the European Union agrees with me, at least in part. Non Residents in Spain have for many years paid more on tax than their Spanish counterparts when inheriting property, cash and other assets and the European Union has told Spain to rectify the situation.  What does this mean to you, if you have paid any inheritance in Spain? Well, you might be entitled to a massive refund from the government.

Our lawyer, Pedro Molina has appealed  to the Spanish government and won substantial compensation for our clients as recently as this week. I can’t use names naturally but clients have had over ten thousand euro refunded (along with an apology). I´ll try to get a couple of testimonials from these very happy clients and post them here.

If you have paid inheritance, its important that you get in touch with Amanda at Spanish Solutions [email protected], and we´ll pass your case over to Pedro. He is not your typical lawyer, if he thinks you´ll win he will tell you. In some cases, he will even carry out the court proceedings for you for free, and you simply pay him on successful completion of the action.

Its important that you do it today, before this “inheritance tax refund window” closes – We don’t know how long this will last for.

This inheritance tax reform has also resulted in some regions (including the Valencian one allowing generous tax allowances), which means that in our region Spain has agreed to allow children to receive a gift or donation of property, cash or funds of up to 100,000 euro each tax free (not spouses or stepchildren). Look, I´m not a lawyer, please don’t go spending your tax refund just yet – we need to get you speaking to Spanish Solutions!

Don´t worry if you are using another lawyer for other matters rather than Spanish Solutions – We can deal with this tax matter separately if you don’t feel you need to switch legal firms. The danger if you ask your existing lawyer about this law change, is they may not have done this already and may not know how to maximize your payout whereas we knew that Pedro certainly is capable.

Please contact Amanda  [email protected] or 966760917

My last bit of advice, is to do it right now.


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