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Invent a new life for 27,000 euro!

So lets be straight here – things are not great in Ireland or the UK – the economy is in the toilet and not getting any better any time soon, the weather is not conducive to going outside the house and you hate your boss. If you´re down to your last 27,000 (or if you have access to beg borrow or steal that figure) and you´re looking to buy a new life, here is your chance.

So we have a business for sale. One that we know particularly well, as its two doors up from our own office, and its for sale. More about that in a minute. I hear you ask how does that buy me a new life?? Its only a business?

Well lets say you put 27,000 euro into the business, immediately you´ve bought yourself a job. You´ll have to work rather than spend every single minute on the beach, but there will be time for that too, don´t worry.
The business will immediately start to pay you – you own it remember. What else will the business pay for – how about a nice rental property walking distance to the sea for you and the family (500 euro), a nice run around car (200 pm), satellite TV and Internet (50 euro pm), A round of golf a week (30 euro), a bottle of wine every 2nd night (2.50 euro), a Chinese meal for four people on Friday nights (30 euro), Health insurance (100pm for the whole family) Spanish school for the kids (30 euro pm) and a whole new outlook on life (included for free). Better that all of that is that at the end of the week, there will still be money left over.

This is what we call buying a asset – a cash cow, if you will. The details of the business too are quite simple – 27,000 euro will buy you Call-Net Internet cafe, the business, equipment, goodwill and long term lease on the building. Also included is the gift shop, the stock, the international call centre, and all other streams of income there. We have figures available to back up our valuation and we are happy to sit down with you to discuss them.

The new life however… you have to discover for yourself.

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