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Is it better to raise kids in Spain or in the UK?

Information courtesy of the HSBC Ex-Pat Explorer Survey 2015.

I´m really milking this survey but I cant get have this information in my head without sharing it. So, basically the HSBC surveyed the 34 countries

ex pats are most likely to move to.  They compared the 34 countries in many ways. I stumbled across the survey for a blog I recently wrote compared the economics of living in Spain versus the UK.
This blog lead me to another blog post on more general comparisons between the two countries. This final blog is to compare raising children here in Spain as my wife and I do, as opposed to raising them back in the UK. We often wonder are our boys missing out by not having their curriculum taught in Ireland or my wife´s birthplace, Scotland. Well, we wonder no more.

HSBC´s findings are quite damming for the UK. (The reason I did not compare Ireland to Spain is not to protect my homeland but because I felt a Spain/UK comparison is more relevant to more more of our clients).

In the eleven criteria the UK beats Spain, if that’s the word to use, in just two and fails in 9. The positives for Great Britain are that in the UK kids will have a wider circle of friends and more rounded personalities (yes, they engage in more activities). That’s about it though if you are looking for good news for your UK relatives.  In these categories, Spain is miles ahead of our British counterparts.

Childcare- Quality and cost is better in Spain. We know this from our own experience.
Education; the range, cost and access are better for children who have moved to Spain. That’s pretty serious stuff but the next is the most important stat of all; on the subject of the health and well being of your children, the UK finish 32nd of 34 countries as opposed to Spain´s 9th overall ranking.
Add this to the fact the HSBC tells us that Spain is a better place to live economically, (Britons earn way more money but have less than the average Spanish ex pat at the end of the month after bills and tax), but also Spain is ranked well ahead of The United Kingdom on weather, (who knew??) diet, opportunity for sport, chances of making new friends, socialising and here in Spain there is a considerably better work/ life balance.

I guess we take Spain for granted having lived here for so many years but a finding like this reminds us that this is the country for my family and me to live in.
If you are thinking of uprooting the kids let us know and we´ll give you as much info as we possibly can on schooling, sports for kids and adjusting to this new and hopefully exciting way of life on the Mediterranean.
Come and join us!

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