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If you are staying in the area or simply passing through, the place to spent some relaxing time is the ever popular La Zenia beach. Located here is an array of restaurants, beach bars or the La Zenia hotel to choose from. There are a number of ways to get to the beach with reference to transportation. To start you can take your own car, a taxi or the bus, if you take a taxi or the bus you can go at anytime but if you take your own car then it is a different story, you will need to leave early as parking is in high demand and nonexistence later in the day. If you arrive early you will have a choice of places to put all of your beach paraphenalia, then a trip to the local restaurant for a breakfast snack will set you up for the day.

La Zenia Beach is known for the beautiful white sands, cleanliness and all the required facilities you need, therefore the reason it has been awarded the European Blue Flag. There are also life guards stationed along the beach to insure everyone safety, this is especially true for the children.

Speaking of children, there are play areas set aside for their enjoyment including a climbing frame, rope ladder and an area for football. If this is not enough then a trip to one of the beach bars may be in order, here they serve some food but most important they have your favorite cold drink on tap, they even have some chairs and brollies available here for a respite from the ever present Mediterranean sun.

After all this a trip to the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean is definitely in order, here you can swim and enjoy the coolness as you let the gentle breakers roll over your body. If you want to explore the coastline then a relaxing walk down the beach to Cabo Roig is in order, along the way there are different beaches and coves to enjoy as well as the ever amazing view, all this takes about an hour a half that is if you don’t linger.

What I like to do when a day on the beach is finished, is go up to the restaurant located beside the beach set on their terrace in the shade and have a nice cool relaxing glass of Sangria. There is nothing better to do than sit there, contemplate the day and watch the last rays of the sun disappear over the horizon and plan your evening out.

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