Mobile Phones in Spain – Comaskey Properties

Where do we start with the mobile phone! First it has got to be the most intrusive thing ever invented. Stop and think about it, what other reason would a snooker match being televised world wide be brought to
a complete halt when a mobile phone starts to ring. This is not the only display of disrespect that people have. I bet you could think of a lot more, I know I could but there are just to many to mention, well maybe there are one or two. Have ever been in a doctors office or the hospital in Torrevieja when a phone goes off? I thought they were to be turned off upon entrance as they reportedly interfere with some of the electronic
equipment. I hope that you are not hooked up to a machine when it starts to malfunction. Once again ” No Respect”, I guess you could put that on someones headstone.

Remember when the first telephone box was installed on your street. All you had to do was walk outside and you were able to call the doctor or a taxi, what a result. Then the phone was installed in your hallway, now all you had to do was leave your easy chair in the front room to answer the phone in the hallway. In a few years the houses were wired throughout for phones. They could be installed anywhere in the house and no need to get up to answer the phone as it was close to  hand anywhere you wanted. But now comes the dreaded mobile phone and you are sitting in your easy chair when it goes off. What do you do but of course you grab it and race outside and lean against the old phone box to answer the thing.

We have progressed so far now that I am sure that there is one out there that will wipe your nose for you with out even asking it to. We do not even want to talk about the use of mobile phones in cars as that
is a story in it’s self!. The one thing I want to know is how the Spanish use a mobile phone as we all know they can’t talk without using their hands to amplify what they are saying.
If you are by yourself you can cruise the Internet or just play games on it. If you don’t have any friends that you can text or call, not to worry  all you have to do is join something called facebook on the Internet which you should have on your new blueberry, what ever that is. Now you can make new friends, tell them where you live and what your schedule is so you can go to meet up and the whole time they are over at your house robbing you. Do you really need a mobile phone or should you leave it at home so they can steal it too!

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