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Spain ranks incredibly well in HSBC Worldwide Survey.
The HSBC Expat Explorer survey 2016 is a global poll of 26,871 expats across the entire world. The research, conducted online by You-Gov is important when people are trying to decide where to relocate to. We wonder are HSBC asking the right questions however and maybe some of the headlines are misleading. Here are the full results of the massive survey.
We know for sure Spain ranks top in some of the most important criteria out there- Health and happiness.
Yes, that’s a hard one to measure by Pounds in the bank but still the almost 27,000 respondents think we have it good here, at a glance, Spain is in the Worldwide top ten in:
• Quality of life.
• Integration to society
• Cost of raising children
• Social life for families and children
• Healthcare facilities
• Physical health of ex pats
• Culture of the country
• Property ownership
• Making friends, both ex pat and Spanish.
So, per HSBC, the way I read it, you’ll be healthier and happier if you move to Spain. Look at the metrics they use to rank other countries however:
Bahrain is the highest-ranking Middle Eastern country at 9th place overall. People say the relative ease with which expats are able to make new friends is a key factor. Really, in Bahrain? Is there any other reason HSBC might rank the middle east so high? Oil companies operating there perhaps?
Bad news for our British friends – The UK is 44th out of 45 countries surveyed by HSBC in terms of a healthy place to live. Lack of friendship, lack of disposable income, and poor working conditions are according to the survey trumped by an ability to climb the career ladder. What good is that if you are broke and your family is sick?

Other countries who rank high overall yet have some truly terrible characteristics include,
Sweden- Sure economic confidence is high (3rd highest in the world) yet in making friends Sweden ranks as the very bottom of the pile. Culture its 37 from 45, social life 43rd out of 45, savings 35th in the world. Surely these are the things that count?
Switzerland is a popular place for ex pats to relocate to- It’s one of the top scoring countries in the survey here too but ranks in the bottom few in Social life, Cost of children, Integration, making friends and culture. No issues with any of those in Spain!
Ireland is 44th in terms of disposable income, just behind the UK. I don’t get it- who cares how much you earn if at the end of the week, you have less than you would by working in any of the other 44 most popular relocating countries in the World? Ireland also ranks badly in property ownership and Childcare. It appears it’s too expensive to raise children in Ireland and the quality of the care given is one of the worst in the world.
Finally, we looked at China- Career progression, wages and disposable income make it run high up the charts yet its 45th, paddy last in terms of health for its people, young and old.
This is why so many Chinese people are looking to gain Golden visas and move to Spain.
I’m not saying everything is perfect here- Your first visit to the town hall or Spanish bank will confirm that nothing works smoothly here especially when the Spanish government is involved. In the areas, it really matters however, moving to Spain can make a whole heap of sense. Make friends, get in shape, have more money left at the end of the month and do it without the stress levels you have back home sound interesting to you?
Spanish Solutions can help you with the move, medical care, schools, banking, buying a property in Spain, wills, tax and so much more.
Please get in touch with Amanda, she will be delighted to help you- that’s what we do.
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0034 966761741.
Are you thinking of opening a business in Spain? This is a very unique area in that we have thousands of ex pats living here with disposable income. (there’s that phrase again). All they lack is a range of services where they can get value and some genuine customer care.
We have helped our clients to set up businesses in Spain working as hairdressers, mechanics, accountants, physios, gym owners, internet shops, a wine store, insurance brokers and so much more. If you are thinking of moving to the Costa Blanca and opening a business here, we can help. If property management or becoming an estate agent is something that appeals to you- we have a special treat.
Reach out to Amanda and see what happens- it might be the most important email you ever send!
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