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From 1st October 2015, the rules in Spain to protect children inside a vehicle are changing. The new rules simplify what happens now.
On the 18th July a new Boletin (BOE) was passed and it comes into force the 1st October. The main points are as follows:

  • Minors of less than 1.35 metres must go in the back of the car. They cannot go in the front unless they are over 18 years old or more than 135cm. the only exception is when the back seats are already occupied by children; in that case it is better if the oldest sits in the front, but in a seat suitable for their height and weight.
  • Each seat should be put in following its own instructions (it is not necessary to have them facing in one of another direction). What is important is that the particular seat´s instructions are followed. The only exception is if the child seat is in a front seat and the air-bag is not dis-activated as in this case it is forbidden that the seat sits in the opposite direction to how you are driving.
  • If there is no child seat in taxis (but only in a town), the children can go in the back part of a taxi, without being restrained but only if the route is in town.
  • If there is a vehicle with more than 9 places, the driver or guide must inform the passengers they have to wear a seatbelt. This can also be done by signs.
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