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Ian´s book, Golden Visas, Child Friendly Places to Eat, Visit Lorca, Opportunity for Mains Gas and Power Cuts.
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Intro Letter

It´s almost October already!! Summer is behind us and we´re back to people focusing on property again.

I was just thinking of something – when we opened our office in 2002, half the clients we had, mentioned a desire to leave their homeland, move to Spain and open a business here. We helped bars, garages, hairdressers, more bars, retail outlets, therapists, estate agents, property management companies, all establish profitable lifestyle operations in Spain.

Some were exceptionally successful and 80% are still in business. Where have all the new business people gone to? Why are we not announcing a brand new Cross Fit gym, kids play and learning centre, pets service etc.? If you find the entrepreneurs, send them to Spain! We have clientele with disposable income, time on their hands and a positive business environment.

Remember two weeks ago we emailed you regarding new inheritance/gift taxes? We just had a client have their tax bill for donating their property to their children reduced from approx. 24,000€ to 4,000€.

If you have paid inheritance tax in Spain in the past 4 years, you simply have to contact Amanda on [email protected] while this window is still open.

Do it today before the refund money is all gone! With the money you have refunded you can open a Cross Fit Studio!

Equally, now is the time to donate your property to your children if that is your wish. We can also sell it for you, if you prefer that.

If you missed the article, here it is

I´d appreciate your feedback on two potential book covers – see below: If you have a minute please email me your views to [email protected]

Thanks to you all,

Ian Comaskey & the Comaskey Property and Spanish Solutions teams

The Comaskey Property Sales Team

Zenia Golf III, La Zenia
Lovely 3 bed, 2 bath,
semi-detached bungalow
Communal pool
and beautiful gardens.

Ref: 3997
El Coritijo, La Zenia
Super detached Villa
4 beds, 2 baths
Large corner plot
Hot tub included
Air conditioning.

Molino Blanco, La Zenia
Well-finished apartment
New kitchen and bathroom
2 beds, I bathroom
Spacious balcony
Communal pool

Business of the Year

Spanish Solutions are over the moon to have heard we are a finalist (1 of 3) in the nominations for “Business of the Year” in The Pride of Spain organised by CoastRider newspaper, which covers the Costa Blanca.

Thank you to anyone who nominated us. We have always tried to give good, clear, professional advice and help, and try and go the extra mile for our clients…We will know the result at the Ceremony and Awards Show in Torrevieja on 18th October so do come and support us. More details to follow on facebook.


I used to have no problems at all in my house on the Orihuela Costa, cooking, washing and using electricity for all manner of things, courtesy of paying Iberdrola a large amount of money every couple of months. Then I started to notice frequent power cuts, when running, for example, the oven, and one other applicance perhaps. Concerned, I checked my fuse box, but everything was still switched on and the electricity could be turned back on usually after turning one applicance off. I phoned Iberdrola who said I should check with an electrician. An electrician duly came and said “ahh you have a new Smart Meter”.

What is a Smart Meter?

Iberdrola are involved in a nationwide grid “improvement” which consists of changing the old electricity meters to new “Smart Meters”. These meters automatically disconnect the electricity if you exceed the amount that you are allowed (shown under contracted power or “potencia contrada” in kilowatts on your bill). Mine was only 3.3Kw and an average home needs 5.75 kw hence why the electrics kept tripping.

So to prevent these nuisance power cuts (and when there is a roast dinner in the oven it really is a nuisance!), I have had to contact Iberdrola (via Ana in our office on [email protected]) to contract a higher amount of power.

A legal “boletin” or electrical installation certificate must be arranged, which costs 100€.

If you are in this situation as well, and are experiencing frequent cuts in your home or holiday home, whereby you need to press a green reset or flick the switches back off after a few minutes to restore power, then please contact us on [email protected]

We charge 50€ for the work involved but if you are half as frustrated as I was, it is worth having your contracted power increased!!



One of our long-standing clients, Dave Spilsbury, has spent the past month kayaking from Gibraltar to Alicante in order to raise awareness and money for Trinity Hospice and Brian House Children´s Hospice. the doctors and nurses of these Hospices do an incredible job by helping people at a very difficult point of their lives, suffering with cancer or a terminal illness.

Dave started at the southern most tip of Gibraltar in the Costa del la Luz, and kayaked along the Spanish coastline through the Costa del Sol, Costa del Almeria, Costa Calida, and finally completed the 600 Km or 350 mile expedition at the port of Alicante on the Costa Blanca after sleeping on beaches, carrying all his own equipment and having to contend with hot sun, fierce waves and storms towards the latter part of the trip. We fully support his effort and hope that some of you feel able to contribute a little to such a good cause by simply clicking on this link and making a small donation.


If you are at a loss for a weekend, or fancy an overnight stay somewhere, we suggest a visit to the historic city of Lorca, and in particular, the Parador of Lorca and the castle. Lorca is situated only 50 minutes from Murcia and approx. 1 and a half hours from the Orihuela Costa. The Parador is an extremely modern charming hotel built in the grounds of Lorca castle on an archaelogical site featuring ruins from the 10th century. The hotel has a spa, free indoor pool and spectacular views. Lorca Castle was named a monument of cultural interest in 1931 and the earthquake a few years ago uncovered a Jewish synagogue.

During the Autumn of 2014, English speaking tours are being offered of the Castle, with its defensive towers and lovely gardens, the Synagogue and uncovered remains. These are every Thursday and include lunch.

The tour of the synagogue is 30 mins with an English guide, there is a one hour Audio guide tour in English and a special lunch for 1 and a half hours. This costs 18€ and can be booked by telephoning 968 479 003 or 902 400 047 (Monday to Friday 10 am to 2pm). It is possible to drive and park at the top of the mountain where the Castle and Parador is located, but we would warn you that there is still quite a lot of walking involved. The town of Lorca is also well worth investigating as it has baroque palaces, a good museum and lots to see.


Do you find it infuriating how expensive electricity is? Would you prefer to have gas installed? Well, you now have the opportunity to save on expensive electricity costs, and to possibly install gas as piped gas is now available in the Orihuela Costa area.
We can arrange a free quotation and the possibility of free installation (although it does depend on the distance that exists between your home and the main pipe to be connected).
There is also the possibility of a free water heater being provided. If your property is in the Orihuela Costa area, please contact Ana for more details on [email protected]


Many of you will not have heard of Golden Visas, which were introduced by Spain in September 2013 to aid the then ailing property market. A Golden Visa is when a Non EU person can obtain a Residency permit in exchange for investing in Spanish property (and other assets).

This can develop into permanent residency if certain conditions are fulfilled. The Law (the Entrepreneurs Law) introduced residency permits and Visas for non-EU investors. This article details more about them and may be of interest:


We are pleased to report that the construction sector figures in Spain this year have been very exciting. Eurostat, the European statistics office recorded, for example, in May, that the Spanish construction sector had registered an increase year-on-year of 42.4%, the highest percentage in Europe (against 3.5% in the Euro area).

The highest increases in production in construction were registered in Spain (+42.4%), Slovenia (+41.8%), Hungary (+28.7%) and Poland (+6.8%), and the largest decreases in Romania (-10.3%), Portugal (-10.2%), the Netherlands (-4.0%) and Germany (-2.5%).

We can see it here in La Zenia with a number of new developments being and having been built. If you may be interested in these, please contact us on [email protected] We have some amazing pictures of these developments, which are simply stunning and at very good prices. Also we offer FREE legal fees worth 1,573€ with Spanish Solutions when you purchase a new build through Comaskey Property. (Conditions apply).


On some of the forums people often ask where are the best child-friendly places to eat on the Orihuela Costa. (If you are further afield, please send us your recommendations and we will mention these next month). Those recently mentioned are (in no particular order):

– The Royal Oak Pub, El Galan

– The Abbey Tavern, La Florida

– El Mirador, Eagles Nest

– Summers Bar, El Galan

– Poco Loco, Cabo Roig http://

– Los Cucalos, Los Dolses

– Muerde de La Pasta, La Zenia Boulevard and many other places there

– Paddy´s Point La Zenia is a great pub, family friendly also.

If you need any more information, just email Amanda on [email protected]


Following on from Scotland´s Referendum, Artur Mas, Head of Catalunya´s government has signed a document to authorise an independence referendum for November 9th. The Spanish government has repeatedly refused to allow this referendum calling it illegal and unconstitutional. This is very different from Scotland, and it is really quite a difficult situation. Yesterday Spain´s constiutional court suspended the Referendum. The Court will now allow both parties to submit arguments.

This is undoubtedly going to lead to public disturbances, confrontation and protest. We await events and will keep you posted…

Spanish Solutions has a special agreement with the Foreign Exchange Company MONEYCORP LTD. This company has been dealing with Foreign Exchange Services since 1979 and we are sure that they can help you to save money and time when transferring money either from your country to Spain or from Spain to your country.It costs nothing to register, but when you need to make a payment we are confident they will save you some pennies over using other options of transferring money.

If you are interested in having more information regarding regular payments, Moneycorp online, or transferring funds from your country to Spain or from Spain to your country, please send Amanda an email on [email protected]


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