No fair play after all in La Liga – Ian Comaskey – Comaskey Properties


Only two days ago we posted the fantastic news that a royal decree had stated that all clubs in La Liga could share in the jackpot that is TV rights for Spanish Clubs not just the big two. Barca in particular and Real to a lesser degree followed this up with wonderful performances in the Champions league semi finals with both giants looking set to progress to the final in Berlin next month. No sooner was the last ball kicked in the Camp Nou than word broke the league will go on strike after this weekends action due to the new TV deal in Spain. 

This is a truly shocking situation. What do Barca and Real have on the rest of the clubs that they can force them to agree to something that will only hurt the smaller clubs and only benefit the big two? 

La Liga is one of Spain’s biggest exports and they are trying their best to kill off the goose that’s laying the golden egg. Can you imagine a situation where the league will not finish and we dont know who is champions until after the summer break?

Will common sense prevail? Really, its hard to say. 

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