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What is NWNF?

No win no fee legal cases are just that – Spanish Solutions are offering a service where ex pats can have Pedro Molina, Barrister and lawyer review and accept their potential legal case with absolutely no risk to them.

Comaskey Properties recent legal win over a very major Spanish bank is a perfect case. They were charging our clients an unfair interest rate. Ten clients sued and won 10,000 euro on average.

Let say a client does not have the money to start the case (approx 2,000 euro ) or like most people is risk adverse, they would rather have Pedro and Spanish Solutions take all the risk in exchange for a return of about half of the total winnings. (5,000 euro approx each in this case).

Half of 10,000 euro being better than 100% of nothing. If we lose the case, Spanish solutions pay all costs. (unless the client has kept something serious form us; an example is falling in the supermarket but not telling us they were stoned at the time!)

What are Spanish Solutions offering to our clients?

They are offering our clients no win no fee legal services. 

Clients will use us to lodge their claims including:-

  • banks
  • insurance companies
  • slips and falls
  • governments
  • hospitals
  • employers
  • misrepresentation
  • negligence
  • etc. etc.

Amanda and Pedro Molino will examine the cases firstly in SS offices. Only clients who meet the criteria set out by Pedro will be considered. (example- is there a witness to the fall, is there a medical report, is there a police report etc)

This project is an opportunity for clients who are afraid to invest their money or don’t have the money to see justice, go to court and win.

Of course clients who don’t want to use NWNF can just press ahead with their legal cases using Pedro as normal.

The perfect client for us is British, Irish and to some extent, European.  British people understand the “no win no fee” idea and we don’t need to waste any time explaining the concept to them. British people would rather have a chance of earning 5,000 euro on a 50/50 split than pay 1,000 euro to potentially win 10,000 euro.

Does the business solve a problem for the customer? YES.

There is a real gap in the market right now. It is so easy in Spain to report people to the police but it is costly, and slow to get them to court. People are afraid to outlay money for a case which may never be heard.  Spanish solutions are making it easy for them to do so, but only when we think they have a genuine chance of winning. Ex pats have not been treated well by banks, town halls, builders, estate agents etc in Spain and now we can give them:

  1. a) free information as to what they are entitled to – eg inheritance tax laws.
  2. b) a way in which they can have the chance to claim refund and compensation, with no money down.

Cases Spanish Solutions can’t accept on NWNF are:

Domestic disputes

Disputes between neighbours

Deformation of character/cease and desist/ trademark issues.



A case where if the client wins they will never get paid. (the other party has no funds).

Thats the bones of “no win no fee” month in Spanish Solutions.  There is a lot more info on their web site, and you will need to speak to Amanda directly for a more accuate summary of your case.

We have had many clients on the Costa Blanca who decided to buy property in Spain but did not buy from Comaskey Properties. Perhaps they can’t get the deeds, perhaps as in one case concerning a client of ours who bought through a friend and used no real agency, the deeds do not exist. We can help them to get their money back and get on with living the dream in Spain.

Its free to get in touch with Amanda and we recommend that you do it today if you think you may have a legitimate claim. Please do not sue me!!!


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