Non Resident Taxes in Spain

Non Resident Taxes in Spain

Have you paid your non-resident tax yet? Even if you are not a Comaskey client (and we don’t understand why you wouldn’t be) Silvia in Spanish Solutions has a special deal for you just like she did for Mrs Smyth. (And that’s not even a made up name this time).

Get in touch with Claire here [email protected] and make sure your local taxes are all up to date.

Mrs Smyth is concerned as she didn’t actually get a bill for her tax yet but it’s a relief to know Spanish Solutions are looking after her interests here in La Zenia!

Quick summary of the story below:

 De: Susan Smyth     ·)(Y%$(·

Enviado el: 20/10/2016 13:19:12

Para: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Asunto: Non Resident Tax in Spain


I sent the below mail to Sandra in Spanish Solutions but I believe she is out of office until 31st October.   Can anyone else help me please?

I am contacting you regarding our non-residents tax in relation to the above property on the Costa Blanca.  Is this something you would look after? Your colleague Angie mentioned on the purchase that she would be in contact with us regarding this however I am aware she no longer works with you.  Please could you provide us with costs associated?

Many thanks,

 Susan Smyth

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——– Mensaje original ——–

De: Silvia Sánchez <[email protected]>

Enviado el: 20/10/2016 13:45:00

Para: S. Smyth     ·)(Y%$(·

CC: [email protected];

Asunto: Non Resident Tax

Good morning Mrs Smyth,

Thank you for contacting us. And sorry you did not get a reply earlier… Our colleague Sandra decided to get married and go off on her Honeymoon!

 Anyway, you were enquiring about your Non Resident Tax in Spain.

This tax is calculated based on the values shown on each property Council Tax.

Your property does not have a council tax bill generated as yet. This only happens when the builder sells to the first owner. Town Halls do take a couple of years to generate these first bills.

We are therefore waiting for it. We have enquired a couple of times this year and we have it marked to enquire again by December 2016.

I have copied my colleague Ana, that deals with Non Resident Taxes for our clients.

Your Council Taxes, once generated by the Town Hall, will be issued in your name from the year after you bought until current year.

The year you bought is to be paid by previous owner, in your case, the builder.

Even if your first bill is issued a couple of years late, it will include those years but shall not include interests or arrears for paying late.

As soon as we get confirmation that IBI bills are ready, we will contact you with the information about that and your Non Resident Tax.

Should you have any other query, please let us know.

 Kind regards / Saludos cordiales,

 Silvia Sánchez

 Spanish Solutions


 C/ FLORES, 3 – Bajo C – La Zenia II – 03189 Orihuela Costa, Alicante, Spain

Tel. +34 966761741 Fax. +34 966773238

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