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How many of you I wonder have taken the trouble to get away from the coast and visit Orihuela itself, rather than the Coast?  The city, for it is a city, is very old and was built by the Romans. It was named the first city of the province of Alicante in September 1437. The Romans had called it Orcelis, but the Visgoths who invaded after the collapse of the Roman empire called it Aurariola.

Orihuela is a very agricultural area and has grown pomegranates, lemons, oranges, almonds, olives, palm trees, cotton and vegetables. There are many beautiful old buildings in the city such as an Arabic castle (it is a ruin but you can climb up on the castle walls for amazing views), a Catholic cathedral built between the 14th and 16th centuries and the Baroque church of Santa Domingo.

One of Spain´s most famous poets and playwrights of the 20th century, Miguel Hernández, was born in Orihuela. The house where he lived with his family is not to be missed on a visit. it is a modest home from the beginning of the 20th century, with a small patio, poultry yard and inside you can see some of the photos, furniture and personal objects from his life. http://www.miguelhernandezvirtual.es/new/.
Orihuela is a lovely place to wander around the medieval streets, enjoy some great tapas, and visit boutique shops, plazas and a real Spanish atmosphere which it has lots of. Don´t go Monday if you want to visit the museums.  The time you must go as well  is in February for the medieval market.
Network Theatre
Calle San Augustin, Bajo, Orihuela, Alicante 03300 966740251

We would also recommend a little English theatre there, Network Theatre, which puts some wonderful productions on using Spanish students, who want to improve their English.

The Christmas pantomine is especially good.

In NOVEMBER the 27th, 28th and 29th they have the Pantomime. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Networks Theatre pantomime is always a hot ticket with great scripts, brilliant actors, fabulous costumes and those guaranteed corny jokes! You’ll have a great time…oh yes you will!
With a cast of thirty actors just bubbling with enthusiasm come along and join them as they bring you their 13th Annual Pantomime as ever written and directed by artistic director Nick Moore!
With only five public performances early booking is essential! Ticket prices are 9.50€ for adults and 4.50€ for kids and students! Contact [email protected] for tickets

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