Questions for Potencial Franchisees

Three Questions for every potential Comaskey Franchisee.

Is a real estate franchise on the Costa Blanca really for you?


Before parting with your hard earned cash into any business especially a real estate franchise, there are a few things you need to ask yourself about the Comaskey franchise. It’s very easy for us to tell you we meet the criteria but three important questions are.

Is there an established market for Ex pat property sales in Spain?

Are Comaskey giving me a formula for success?

Does Comaskey have a recognizable Brand?


So, let’s look at each question here…

Is there a market for real estate in Spain? We were hit badly on the Costa Blanca with the real estate crash of 2007- It took us seven years to get out of it, and now the foreigners are very much back in the market in 2016.

Buyers love Spain- we are not inventing a better mouse trap like some of the emerging property markets. Spain is established, people want to be here and we have the product that they want to buy. It accessible- look how many Ryanair flights land here every single day. It’s safe here, politically and socially. It’s cheaper to live here than say Florida and certainly closer.

Finally, it is sunny on the Costa Blanca 320 dates per year. These are not just the reasons why you will want to come and live here but why your clients will. All you have to do is help enough you people achieve their Spanish property dreams and you are on the road to success in the real estate market here!


Are Comaskey giving me a formula?

Yes we are- it may have taken us 12 months to write it, 15 years to invent it, but the SOP manual, our standard operating procedures was worth the wait.

We often use the analogy of a top chef- he follows the receipt, puts the biscuit tray in the oven and walks away. When he returns 30 minutes later, he knows everything will have worked out exactly as it did the last time and the time before that.

Comaskey have (unfortunately!) made just about every mistake that can be made and over the past number of years and now we have ironed out all the creases in the system. That’s all fine but if you are the type of person who prefers to reinvent the wheel and build your own system, then Comaskey Real Estate in Spain is just not for you.

We have developed a brand, a recognizable symbol of success and we need you to comply with our business system. It works for us and it works especially for our property buyers, sellers, developers and renters. The Comaskey brand symbolises a trusted company, a trusted system and that assures is a major selling point for our clients and hopefully it will be for your client too.

If you’d like to schedule a franchise information meeting in La Zenia or over the phone, please get in touch with us as soon as you can on 0034 966773453. This might be the most important phone call you’ve ever made!

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