Roman and Carthaginians Fiesta 18-27th September 2015 – Comaskey Properties

This very special fiesta commemorates the capture of the city in 209 BC by the Roman troops of Escipion, marking a festive week in which alternate days are devoted to one or the other of bands of the Romans or the people of Cartagena , who dress up in costume, looking like they stepped straight off a film set.

The wedding of Hannial and Himilce or the day of the Roman Circus, with its gladiators and wild animals, lead into the great parade on Saturday, the big day of the fiesta, when all the troops and legions march through the city and perform a mock battle on the field below the castle walls complete with sound and light effects. As fiestas go, this is one with with much pomp and ceremony, the usual tapas, wine and beer, sweets for the children, laughter and fun. It is a great spectacle and definitely worth a visit. Just hope there is less rain this year…This is the official website:

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