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There is something out there that all of us need. It is not
 only for people who live in Spain or even the Orihuela Costa permanently, but also the holiday makers as it affects one and all. What we are talking about is security.

 security of our most treasured possessions, our home and life in general. You
 may not think that this is important because it hasn’t happen to you.
 Well let me tell you what happens when one night your laying in 
your bed all snuggled up next to your wife with not a thought in the
 world other than the dream you’re having about your next door neighbour. 
All of a sudden there are two strangers in your ”home” riffling 
through every nook and cranny looking for something of value that can
 be sold quickly. They are not being careful as you would be but they
 move quietly with the precision of a cat going through all your
 personal possessions, actually touching things.
 They leave a trail of destruction as they go through your
 home. Your home has just become a house, apartment or a villa, never to
 be your home again as it’s dirty and unclean. If you wake up what do you do, but just lay there with gritted teeth and hope for their speedy 
departure or are you stupid enough to try and prove yourself to be
 more than a man and charge into the middle of the may-lay throwing
 caution to the wind. Are they serious, do they have weapons, will they 
use them. Let me tell you they are serious and if they don’t have a
 weapon they can soon get one as there are loads in your kitchen. Just
 remember if you approach a cornered rat what is he going to do if he 
is hungry, fight like hell for what he came for and not just run away. How do you know 
this you ask, well I was that person lying there in my bed one 
beautiful night when all of this happened to me. Luckily I did not awake
 during the robbery in our home in La Zenia. I believe that we were gassed after they broke 
into our home, as I didn’t even get up to go to the toilet as per
usual in the night. When I awoke I new that something was wrong as my 
clothes were not at the side of the bed. When I asked my wife where they
 were she accused me of forgetting where I had put them. This is when I
 got up and cautiously ventured down the hall at which time I noticed 
the front door was open. Then it dawned on me we had been robbed. It 
was a mess and there was not one place that they had not looked and 
touched. Our possessions were strewn all over the place and out side 
as well where they had emptied my wife’s handbag on the ground. That was six
 months ago and we live like as in a prison at night. No more
enjoying the nice cool summers evenings because we have to lock and
bolt every entrance and we still find it hard to go to sleep now knowing
 that someone could once again enter our house, not our home.
 What do you do you ask, well there is a simple solution to all of 
this. At the next annual general meeting of your urbanization bring up the
 question of security. It can be had for as little as 10 euros per
month per house based on the size of the area covered. It was voted down at our last AGM and we have had 6 break-ins in our area during the summer. You say it’s up to the police to provide security, well it is but only up to a point. The police
 force in this area, the La Zenia to Cabo Roig area, is stretched to its limits as a result of cut backs and no telling what they are going to do with a predicted cut back 
nation wide of 15 billion euros in the national budget. How this is going to 
effect us, we will just have to wait and see. Back to security, in the areas that have security here in the Orihuela Costa, the crime rate has dropped to all most zero. For the price of a pizza each month where would you like to live, I know where I would if I could.

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