Seth Godin tells us how to buy Property in Spain – Comaskey Properties

Seth Godin writes the best business and marketing in the world, fact.

In order to save Seth´s lawyers the difficulty of contacting us I´d like to say, all of the intelligent stuff in this blog was stolen directly form the aforementioned Godin and modified here as we see it relating to buying Costa Blanca property.

OK, so here it goes….
This is from “thinking about money” from June 30th.

1. Money spent on one thing is the same as money spent on something else. Its all the same to you if you pay 500 euro too much to an estate agent to sell your property, if you lose it in currency transaction, over pay your solicitor “we trust him because we´ve always used him”, or tip your waitress in McDonald’s 500 euro. Same result.

2. The amount of money you have has nothing to do with whether or not you are a good person. So, if you are a bad poker player, don’t play cards, if you are not a good negotiator, don´t negotiate. Find an agent who is on your side and let them do it for you.

3. There is no difference between spending money and not earning money. If your property in Spain has been empty for the last 12 months because you don’t have time/money to come here, and you are not using Susie in Comaskey Rentals to earn you an income, you are flushing money down your toilet. Maybe you can afford it.

4. Never sign a contract that you don’t understand at least as well as the person on the other side of the transaction. We´ve heard this statement too many times – “we just signed this exclusive selling contract with an estate agent, he seems like a trustworthy guy, I wonder what does exclusive really mean”… it means you are in big trouble and you need us to help you get out of it more than you know.

5. In the long run doing whats important and right leads to more happiness than doing work that’s merely profitable. A deal is a deal and a handshake seals it. Don´t rip people off and don´t go back on a deal.

6. If you borrow money to make money you´ve done something magical. If you can rent your property for more than the repayments would be, borrow and buy. We can help.

We will let you know how the court case goes with Mr. Godin if he ever finds out we ripped him off to this extent. In the meantime, read his blog!

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