Spain is the best country in the world to move to – according to 20,000 HSBC clients. – Comaskey Properties


Every year banking giant HSBC run probably the biggest ex pat survey in the world and the results for Autumn 2015 are in:

A bit of background… HSBC has branches all over the world where they offer wealth management, banking, foreign exchange etc. They have no bias whatsoever as to the “winners” in the various categories. Instead they speak to 20,000 of their clients and customers and ask them various questions as to how they are adapting to life in a foreign country.

Questions centre around the quality of life for children, the standard of education, where people feel happier, wealthier, where money goes further, how well they eat, integrate and even how much exercise these ex pats do.

The full survey is here:

We look naturally at Ireland and the UK versus Spain immediately but you can compare Spain incredibly well to every country in the world.

Here are some take ways I got from the survey but they are many….

Overall quality of life is better than my home country:
1st New Zealand
2nd Spain

I am healthier than I am at home:
1st Spain

I have a more active social life than I would at home
1st Spain

I enjoy immersing myself in the culture here.
1st Mexico
2nd Spain

and the big one…
the top 12 happiest countries for ex pats:
12. Taiwan
11. Singapore
10. Germany
9. Bahrain
8. Thailand
7. Russia
6. France
5. Australia
4. Sweden
3. Mexico
2. New Zealand

That’s correct, Spain is the happiest country in the world for people to move to. If you or anyone you know is sick and tired of listening to politicians argue while you waste your most valuable resource, your time, trying to live your life in a state of constant battle, we can help you move here.
We have the legal and taxation expertise and Spanish Solutions has helped thousands of clients with their fiscal issues since 2004. Comaskey Properties have more than 13 years experience in helping ex Pats buy apartments and villas here on the Costa Blanca and we love to do it.

Get in touch and see if we can help you too.
We´ve all moved here to Spain, we raise our families here, we have very few regrets and we are not rushing home any time soon.
Come join us.

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