Spain reach another final – Comaskey Properties

Its 11,40 pm and Spain have come through a stodgy semi final against Portugal to reach their third major final in a row. The potential negatives of living on the Spanish coast include a sky that is now full of fireworks. Messi our dog does not like fireworks and is currently huddled under the coffee table. Only half an hour ago she heard her name coming form the TV. “Messi, Messi, Messi” the crowd chanted as Ronaldo blasted over a chance from a position where he should have scored. The crowd were not referring to our admittedly very lovely dog, but to the other Messi – the arch enemy of Ronaldo, the self proclaimed best player in the world. Ronald surely hates Messi more than our Messi hates fireworks. Either way, Portugal are out, Spain are through, The Messi cousins are happy.

Spain have now got the better of Italy, Ireland and Portugal and the Euro crisis parallels cannot be ignored- maybe spain has turned its financial corner. We´ll see what likely opponents, Germany have to say about that on Sunday. Either way, Messi the dog better get ready for more fireworks!

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