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A new Spanish tax expert joins the Spanish Solutions team.

Now that Comaskey properties, Spain’s friendliest estate agents from 2002- 2018, are back in business, we have started adding new team members to assist our clients. 

Our clients worry, and rightly so, about non-resident taxes, company tax, estate planning, taxes needed for non-lucrative visa applications and more. 

We’d like you to meet, Rafa Hernandez.

Rafael, from Murcia City, is working in the Spanish Solutions La Zenia office to help companies and individuals get a handle on their tax affairs. 

He explains that his plan is to get better results from an outstanding organisational system, applicable to our collaborators, estate agents and of course individual clients. 

Rafa’s list of qualifications is impressive. He has a degree in Business and Administration from the University of Murcia. Later he studied for a masters degree in Business and Administration (MBA). During his studies, he specialised in entrepreneurship so as to help the entrepreneur to start their own businesses here in Spain. He spent 6 months in Texas (USA) improving his English and his third and currently, most recent masters degree was in Spanish tax advising. Now Rafa can provide an excellent understanding in English of the complex Spanish tax system to residents and non-residents in Spain.

What an asset it is for us to have Rafa as part of our team!

You can contact him at [email protected] 

What Is a Spanish Tax Advisor?

(and why do you need one?)

A Spanish tax advisor is a financial expert with advanced training and knowledge of the complicated Spanish tax accounting and tax law systems. 

The benefits of hiring a tax advisor like Rafa are usually centred around minimising taxes payable. He will do this while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations. Tax “advisors” can include certified public accountants, tax attorneys, financial advisors and in our case, exceptionally qualified, certified and experienced Spanish tax professionals. Tax affairs are not the place to take shortcuts.

It is time to get expert advice in tax matters and Rafael is the most qualified person we know to give that advice to our clients. 

A Spanish tax advisor/tax consultant; Some keys. 

  • A Spanish tax advisor; a financial professional providing advice on strategies to minimise taxes owed, while staying within the scope of the Spanish law and regulation.
  • Training; Tax advisors may be trained accountants, financial planners, lawyers, or financial advisors. As in the case of Spanish solutions, advisors may work as a team consisting of many types of professionals. (lawyers, barrister, etc)
  • All top tax advisors in Spain are well-versed and up-to-date in matters of the newest tax law and tax guidelines.

Depending on the clients and soon to be taxpayers’ situations, the advice and services a tax advisor gives will differ. An individual looking to buy a property through Comaskeys will get different advice from a business owner looking to set up shop. Likewise, a property investor or Equity Release investor will have a different tax need from a commodity trader.

Tax advisors like Rafa are well versed in tax laws and guidelines. Some of our collaborators may retain his services to represent the businesses before tax authorities and courts. This will help quickly and efficiently help to resolve issues relating to tax. We feel that the recent Covid lockdown plus the Brexit situation will really push the Spanish Revenue collectors to go hard after any unpaid taxes. They need the revenue.

Small businesses like estate agents also need to provide top-level advice to their clients. Any agents who collaborate with Comaskey properties will also have access to the Spanish Solutions expert tax division. 

Up to date Spanish tax advice.

Rafa is required to stay up-to-date on the latest local and state tax requirements. He can therefore be effective when providing advice on current tax topics. The recent changes to the Plus Valia payments for clients buying and selling houses in Spain is a perfect example. 

Rafa and Spanish Solutions are tasked with; finding efficient ways for clients to legally lower their tax payments, compute taxes, and find the right deductions applicable. Almost as an afterthought, Rafa and the team can also prepare and file tax returns for their clients.

Any taxpayer who has experienced a major life event would be smart to hire the services of a tax advisor. Typical life changes such as; buying a property in Spain; applying for Spanish residency; the death of a spouse; marriage; divorce; inheritances and more, all fall in this category. 

Clients of Comaskey Properties have access to our Spanish tax expert, just by dealing with us.

Buying a house in Spain? Selling a house in Spain? You absolutely need the best advice on the market.

Our agents; collaborators and local business owners are very welcome to get in touch with us here in La Zenia or directly with Rafa in Spanish Solutions.

This could save you a lot of money! 

966761741, ask for Tracie, she has looked after Comaskey clients for over a decade!

[email protected]

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