The eve of La Zenias Transformation? – Comaskey Properties

By Paul Cullen

Tomorrow the La Zenia Boulevard commercial center opens, the locals are buzzing with anticipation, could this be the eve of the La Zenia transformation? i think it just might be.

For a long time La Zenia and its surrounding areas has operated on a mostly foreign financial dependance, our own micro economic climate, where our foreign money has supported local, expat owned businesses (hardressers, bars, restaurants etc.).

With the exception of the larger spanish owned businesses that we relied on, eg Carrefour, Mercadona, professional services like Mechanics and Mobile Phone providers / Banks our money has been floating from expat to expat, that however is about to change.

With the huge influx of employment the commercial center will bring, perhaps not immediately as a lot of staff will be transferred from sister stores etc, but over the next 5 years as the local community becomes more involved with the inner workings of the centre and the younger generation of expats reach employment age.

This in my belief will bring money to the local economy, and thats more then welcome.

So, how to make the most of this situation? Use what you have!

Personally we will be renting our property that is situated close to the center for a good rate, and we will then use said rate to rent a larger home further away.

La Zenia is looking to become an excellent area to be involved in, with the arrival of this commercial center, the smaller commercial centers surrounding it and the good concentration of quality properties we are what could now start to become a town center (of sorts) for the Orihuela Costa something that has been missing for some time.

So if you have a property to rent in the La Zenia / Cabo Roig or Playa Flamenca areas get in touch today and let us know, we have clients that are waiting for good quality property to rent.

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