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Women make great estate agents in Spain!

I have got to be so careful here and full disclosure: I am not a woman, but I am married to one.
I recently watched a documentary as to why franchising is perfectly suited to females, and without any prejudice I willing shyly put forward the five main points here:

1. Risk Aversion. In my Amazon best seller “How to buy property in Spain” I talked about risk aversion. It turns out women tend to be more risk averse than us men. Franchising statistically gives a greater chance of success than new stand alone businesses so immediately, it appears to females.

2. Route back to work. Especially on the Costa Blanca, we have many women who wish to re enter the workforce after having children. Many ex pats work off shore leaving the women at home in Spain rearing the kids. Once the last child gets into school, then the women look for something to do. The flexibility associated with running a successful real estate business in Spain means many women can fit their business around their family commitments, leaving time for their family- perhaps the reason they moved to the Costa Blanca in the first place.

3. Female Characteristics
I really am on thin ice here but research tells us women possess ideal franchise traits. With multitasking and organizational skills females are naturally inclined to manage their business in an efficient manner. Women have good interpersonal skills – probably the trait that the successful Spanish real estate agent needs above all others.
They have good communication, understanding and they are task orientated.

4. Flexible work life.
It can be a balancing act for females in Spain – work, children and actually living!
Female franchisees often find that as their children grow and become less dependent they have more time to work on and develop their business. The flexibility associated with arranging your own working hours really suits. We as estate agents set our own appointments so why not set then at a time that suits your lifestyle?

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