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Need help and advice for property issues, tax issues, legal issues and just about everything else on the Costa Blanca, in Spain! Comaskey can help!

At Comaskey here in La Zenia we do things differently, and we have done all the way back to 1998. When Bernie and Pamela Comaskey opened the world-famous Paddy’s Point back then, the requests we dealt with were simple. Where can I find mass on Sunday? Who is showing the Celtic game today? where do I buy a pint of Milk or a daily newspaper?

Naturally the Irish bar became the place for everyone to get their information, and from this habit or trend, our current business developed. Really our business was born in helping people. Between Comaskey and Spanish Solutions, we have dealt with over 8,000 happy customers. It’s no wonder that we are still the people clients contact on the Costa Blanca when they want something done- not just selling or renting a property.

These are three enquiries that Claire passed to Spanish Solutions last week just to give you a feel of what we can do for you. If you need anything, and if we can help, we will- Please just ask Claire:

[email protected]



Paul wants to drive his 2009 Mercedes to the Costa Blanca, legally.


Dear Paul,

Thanks for enquiring about changing your British plates to Spanish

Further to your request, the following documentation will be requested:

  • Padron  (Up to date)
  • NIE
  • ITV documentation  (MOT)
  • Log Book (Original)
  • Passport (Original)

Our fees is 300€ (+VAT), includes trafico fee, certificate of conformity, licence, plates.

Excludes: 1.- Road tax (SUMA which varies with make and age of car and town hall),

2.- Headlights (if  they need to be change) and 1 fog lamp on the left or 2.

3.- Import tax

4.- ITV (this might cost approx 200-230€) We have a British mechanic who will help.

We advise you really to sell your English car back there before moving to Spain and buying a Spanish car here but we will help you either way,





Dave is looking for a Spanish Driving Licence

Dear Dave:

To apply for a Spanish Driving Licence the following documentation will be requested:

  • Residencia  + Passport
  • Driving licence (both parts)
  • Psicotecnico (medical Test to be done, at a cost of approx 36€)
  • 2 Passport photographs
  • Padron  Up to date

Our fee is 160€ (+VAT)

The process might take around 6 months

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me

Kind regards,




Kieran wants general information on selling his Spanish property.


Hi Kieran,

Replying to  your web query regarding the sale of your property in La Zenia, we can organize all paperwork for the Notary appointment and translate for you as well. For that we will need you to provide us with the following information:

  • copy of Title Deeds of the property
  • passports and NIE numbers for all owners and buyers (if the buyers have no NIE numbers we can organize them to get them)
  • copy of direct debit bills: water, electricity, gas, community of owners, etc
  • copy of last SUMA bill
  • Habitation Certificate
  • Mortgage bank details

Regarding the costs you would be incurring, if you are non-residents in Spain you will have to pay 3% tax on property selling price. The other tax to be paid by sellers is Plusvalia tax which is around 150 euro in Orihuela Costa area.

Of course there will be some expenses involved in cancelling your mortgage but if it is a small mortgage they won’t be too much.

There is a possibility of claiming back part of the 3% tax retention. For that we will need you to provide us with all the invoices you paid at the moment of buying as e.g.: Notary fees, Land Registry fees, taxes, Estate’s commissions, etc.

I hope this can answer your queries.

Please if you have any other doubts or queries do not hesitate to contact us. We will glad to help you.

Kind Regards,

Spanish Solutions




Howards non-resident tax is due….

Dear Howard,

I am contacting you to inform that your Non-Resident taxes 2015 have been calculated.

Non-Resident tax 2015 – including calculations, payment taxes, presentation and our fees = 80 euro.

We would require payment of this tax before 1st December 2016.

This year we are offering our clients this options for payment:

Direct debit: we will take the funds from your Spanish account. For this purpose first we need you to fill in, SIGN and send back to us the attached SEPA form. This authority will be valid for following years Non-resident taxes.

Transfer to our bank account. Please see details below and quote the following reference:

REFERENCE:            REF.     […]


BANK:                     BANC SABADELL




IBAN:                      ES89 0081 2061 7000 0224 6927


If you happen to be around our offices, do pop in to see us and pay with your credit card or in cash.

Please any questions you may have, contact me. I will be happy to assist.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Spanish Solutions




Geraldine will buy a property in Cabo Roig form Comaskey, she just needs a Spanish Mortgage.

Dear Ger,
Claire in Comaskey, LA Zenia has passed me your details as you may be looking to finance your property purchase here in Spain.

We work with many high-street banks, and can help you to secure a mortgage, with the best possible terms for your circumstances. (BMN, Banco Popular, Sabadell etc)

In order for me to advise you further, could you please provide me with the following information:

  • Property Value / Budget:
  • Amount of Loan Required:
  • Loan Term (years):
  • Country of Residency:
  • Marital Status:
  • No of Dependent Children:
  • Annual Household Income:
  • Current Financial Commitments (monthly): eg. mortgages, loans, etc
  • I can also inform that the following documents will be required as basic information for the bank for all mortgage applicants:
  • P60s
  • Payslips for past 6 months
  • Bank Statements for past 6 months
  • Credit Report
  • Chartered accounts (if a company)

With this information, I can advise about the mortgage products currently available from banks, together with the terms and conditions, to find what would be most suitable for you.
I look forward to hearing from you with the above information. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,



That’s just a few of the enquiries we deal with- If you require any information about moving to Spain or living in Spain, we are here to help.

Contact Claire: [email protected]

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