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About Comaskey Properties - La Zenia based since 2002!

Read this or waste your money on your Spanish Property purchase!

Congratulations on finding the most trusted Spanish Estate Agency on the Costa Blanca. We believe we are the agents, most qualified to save you thousands of Euros on your Spanish Property Purchase. Comaskey are the Agent of choice regardless of whether you are a first time buyer or building your Spanish Property Portfolio. Even Millionaires like to save money- we know, because they buy through us. Often it's not about the money, they just like knowing that they got the best deal over any other resident on their street, because of that one email they sent to us, expressing an interest in buying property on the Costa Blanca. Please give us a minute while we show you how.

"Finding the right Estate Agent is just as important as finding the right property in Spain".

You can buy houses in Spain direct from the Developer, the Solicitors, the (bankrupt) Bank, your golf coach or even the little waiter in the Spanish Bar.

Here are Eight reasons why you must buy through a legitimate agency like Comaskey instead. We hope your search for the right Estate Agent to help you is just one email away.

Read the eight reasons now!
  1. 2,500 happy buyers were not just down to luck. Well maybe it was luck for the ones who contacted us rather than a competitor.
  2. Taxation and Legal Advice. We are closely tied to Spanish Solutions Legal and Tax team, the 2014 Pride of Spain Business of the Year Winners. As a client of ours, you will be protected too.
  3. We care about property buyers and sellers alike. Ordinary Estate Agents in Spain often underestimate the importance of a happy seller. These are honest, decent people just like you, which means a better and smoother purchase for our property buyers if they are well taken care of.
  4. More agents in more countries, speaking more languages.
  5. Innovators, not imitators- you'll find our ideas, our marketing, our sales copy and new concepts on other agents websites all the time. Keep ahead and watch what we are doing today.
  6. The Team. Comaskey Sales and Administration teams are not like others in that they work on a flat salary, not commission only sales. This results in less desperate sales professionals and a lot less pressure for you, our client. (this is especially important for non-experienced, first time buyers of property in Spain)
  7. Multiple divisions, one (virtual) roof. In our four physical locations with our one metaphorical roof, you'll find our Long Term Rentals Department, New Developments division, Resale Spanish Property, Distressed Sales and Spanish Bank Repossessions, Legal Division, Business Division (including our brand new Franchise Concept). We have the expertise you need, regardless of your situation.
  8. More Spanish Property, More value. We have hundreds of Private Resale Spanish Property Listings on our books, New Developments all across the country and our new Bank Repossession division is selling property faster than we can list it on this web site (literally, we can't get them online in time and have buyers waiting for cheaper 50,000-euro property as well as full blocks of apartments coming from the biggest banks in Spain.

Incredibly buying a property in Spain through Comaskey, despite all the deals and safety nets we include won't cost you a penny more than if you buy through one of those (how do I say this.??) less Successful Spanish Estate Agents.

Please contact us today, and give us the opportunity to really impress you.